Mohali (Punjab), October 23

To send a message of global peace, the world’s largest oil lamp was lit in Mohali in Punjab, event organizers claimed. More than 10,000 people contributed oil to the event, which ended in a world record, they said.

Manufactured from about 1,000 kilograms of steel, the world’s largest dia with a diameter of 3.37 meters was illuminated here on Saturday evening by the chief guest of the event, Lt. Gen. K.J. spread the message of world peace, unity, secularism and humanism.

Over 10,000 local residents, including 4,000 residents of Hero Homes, representing the diverse fabric and diversity of Indian society, poured in 3,129 liters of organic and appropriate diya oils to create this unique symbol of peace.

Themed around the festival of peace, the huge diya was lit in the presence of official Guinness World Records judges who were present at the Hero Homes in Mohali to record the feat, said Ashish Kaul, CMO, Hero Realty. .

He said that according to the Guinness Book of World Records, this diya is lit with 3,000 liters of cooking oil and qualifies as the world’s largest oil lamp ever lit.

Lt Gen Singh said, “This is an unconventional event that combines the dual intention of celebrating Diwali according to tradition and one that also manages to spread an important social message.” He said it was fitting that Punjab, which had seen strife in the past, was now the site of the greatest icon of peace.

Lt Gen Singh further said, “If you look at dia, it is a medium for spreading light, awareness, knowledge and knowledge related to peace.”

Ashish Kaul, CMO, Hero Realty, said, “I thought we must have the biggest symbol of peace in the world from the land of Punjab, from this land so that the whole world knows that if there is anything we need first and foremost, that is the peace that makes everything else meaningful.”

He said, “The oil in the diya, collected by diverse individuals, irrespective of regions, languages, religions and other cultural beliefs, represents the united determination for peace and spirit of Indians.”


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