Why Elon Musk As soon as Launched A Wheel Of Cheese Into House

Elon Musk is a recognized fan of popular culture and comedian e-book characters, even naming his son after Professor X from X-Males and making a cameo look within the second “Iron Man” film, per SFGate. This penchant for inventive caricature appears to have impressed the key wheel of Le Brouère cheese hidden on the Dragon area journey in 2010. On this case, the instigator of Musk’s mischief was Monty Python comedy and an actor named John Cleese.

A “Cheese Store” skit from the British “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” options actor Cleese requesting dozens of obscure cheeses from a cheese purveyor, none of which have been accessible. He finally, exasperated, proclaims that the cheese store has no cheese. Musk one way or the other correlated that cheese-less disaster with the unhappy absence of cheese in outer area surmises Atlas Obscura. Le Brouère, a comparatively obscure artisan small-batch cheese, was the right selection for the entrepreneurial journey.

The cheese itself wasn’t the one subliminal pop-culture nod onboard the Dragon the day it entered orbit. The Le Brouère wheel was nestled deep inside a steel cylinder capped by a “High Secret” label ­replicating a film poster from the 1984 comedy movie starring Val Kilmer, per House.com. The bolted-down cowl additionally featured a cow clad in galoshes taken from a gag inside the film.

Atlas Obscura states that the cheese nonetheless exists inside the SpaceX universe and is on show to invited guests at firm headquarters.

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