The Vida V1 competes with rivals such as the TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak EV and Ola S1 Pro.

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Oct 09, 2022, 1:14 PM

The TVS iQube is more affordable compared to the Vida V1.
The TVS iQube is more affordable compared to the Vida V1.

Hero MotoCorp has finally entered the bulging arena of electric vehicles with its Vida V1 electric scooter, launched under the sub-brand of two-wheeler manufacturer Vida. The Vida V1 has an eye-catching design that draws attention at first glance. It will compete with rivals such as Ola S1 Pro, TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak, etc.

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The electric scooter, available in the V1 Pro and V1 Plus versions, will be available for booking from October 10 with delivery scheduled to start in December 2022.

Initially, the Via V1 electric scooter will be launched in three cities – New Delhi, Bengaluru and Jaipur. The two-wheeler brand plans to release the scooter gradually. Later it will be introduced to other cities.

Here is a price and specification comparison between the Vida V1 and the TVS iQube.

Vida V1 vs TVS iQube: Price

The Vida V1 is available in two different variants, Vida V1 Plus and Vida V1 Pro. Two variants of the Vida V1 have been priced at 1.45 lakh i 1.59 lakh (from the lounge). The TVS iQube, on the other hand, has a price of between 99 130 i 104 123 (ex-showroom) for standard and S.

Variant of Viva V1 Vidy V1 price Variant of TVS iQube IQube TVS price
Vida V1 Plus 145,000 TVS iQube ST 99 130
Vida V1 Pro 159,000 TVS iQube S 104,123

Vida V1 vs TVS iQube: Specs

The Vida V1 Plus offers a range of 143 km from a 3.9 kWh battery. The V1 Pro, on the other hand, can cover a range of 165km on a single charge thanks to its larger 3.94kWh battery.

It is claimed that the Vida V1 can charge at 1.2 km per minute from 0-80 percent. The Vida V1 Pro takes 5 hours and 55 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 percent if you’re using a home charger. The V1 Plus can be charged from 0 to 80 percent in 5 hours and 15 minutes.

The TVS iQube can travel 145 km on a single charge with a maximum speed of 82 km / h. It takes four hours and 30 minutes to fully charge.

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