By Melvin Matthews

The flyover proposed by KRDCL threatens the livelihood of the people living here

Residents of Vartur, whose properties were reported to be acquired for the flyover Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited The project implementer (KRDCL) did not give them an assurance of compensation or consult the public. However, officials said the consultation was done in 2019 when the flyover was proposed.

Despite being under the limits of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the area has no pothole-free roads, footpaths or major public transport facilities. While buses continue to ply along the road, residents complain that there are not enough bus stops. Meanwhile, near the 2 km long flyover Lake Vartur is being proposed, which will have a profound impact on the lifestyle of shopkeepers in the area.

Residents said the houses were marked for midnight purchase to avoid opposition. They said public consultation was held on the proposed 100 feet of the existing 40-60 feet wide road, not for the flyover. They want a special public consultation so they can object to the project.

vice president Mahadevapura constituency representative BM Gangadhar said, “I came to know about the project six months ago when it was published in a Kannada daily. However, no public consultation on the flyover has been held so far. We are not sure about the compensation to be received. We were told that panchayat will compensate us even though we come under BBMP jurisdiction.

He added that the overpass is being built to help the surrounding neighborhoods and schools. “The flights across the city have become a big failure. Therefore, about 300-400 vehicles pass through this road. People living here need metro services and good roads. Despite being under BBMP for 13 years, we still lack basic facilities. We are still waiting for the Cauvery pipeline. To eliminate transmission, we a HOPCOMs instead of the weekly market, go to the shop for daily needs,” he told Bangalore Mirror.



Residents objected to the TDR proposal and wanted all properties to be acquired through a fair process.

Another resident, Venkatesh, who runs a grocery shop, will lose 1,238 square feet of land and more than half of his shop is expected to be acquired. “Business is now back to normal after covid, but now this flyover is ruining my livelihood.”

I have a property of 1600 square meters out of which 1200 square meters are available for purchase. What’s left for me?

– Ramaya, resident

A Ramaiah, 73, said the project would also reduce the value of properties around the area. “I have a property of 1,600 square meters, of which 1,200 square meters will be purchased. What’s left for me? I built the house after taking a loan and it is yet to be paid,” added Ramaiah.

“We have called for public consultation and objections have been received on the project. The project calls for a 100-foot road and a flyover. Residents are compensated in accordance with the right to fair compensation and publicity Land purchaseRehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013. Most of the area under construction is government land and private properties have to submit their title deeds to get the land, KRDCL MD Shivaprasad PR told BM.

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