TVS Ronin looks like a hybrid of several different motorcycle designs. It is equipped with a completely new 225cc engine with a 5-speed gearbox.

The two-wheeler market in India is constantly growing. Over the past few years, many new brands, new electric two-wheelers and manufacturers have entered new segments and introduced new motorcycles to the market. A few years ago, no one would have thought that TVS would try to take over Royal Enfield’s market share. But then they unveiled the Zeppelin R Concept at Auto Expo 2018, and after four years of waiting, TVS finally released its production version, which is called the Ronin 225. It’s not a cruiser anymore. Instead, Ronin is a mix of several different motorcycle styles. So, can Ronin live up to the hype that was created by the Zeppelin R Concept? Read on to find out how Ronin performs in real life.

What does Ronin 225 look like?

Ronin’s design is a mix of several different motorcycles. It has neo-retro cruiser, scrambler and roadster elements. At the front, there is a round LED headlamp with a T-shaped LED daytime running light, which looks nice. Direction indicators are also slim LED units.

All of the Ronin 225's lighting components are LEDs.

All of the Ronin 225’s lighting components are LEDs.

The Ronin’s muscular stance comes from massive upside down forks finished in gold and a muscular fuel tank. The riding triangle is a cruiser with front footrests and wide handlebars. On the side is a huge chain guard, inspired by American heavy cruisers. The displaced instrument cluster is a one-piece round unit inspired by the mixers. Another scrambler-inspired thing is the rear section which houses a block pattern tire and a slim LED tail light, tucked neatly under the street.

How does the Ronin 225 engine work?

The Ronin engine is a new 225cc oil-cooled unit. It produces 20.4 HP of maximum power and 19.93 Nm of maximum torque. The engine is tuned to low and medium sounds. So you don’t have to spin the engine too much. Just ride that fleshy torque wave and shift up the gear because then there is a lot of vibration when you hit the upper end of the RPM range. The engine produces some heat on the bumper-to-bumper movement, but it is doable.

The Ronin 225 engine runs very smoothly at low revs.

The Ronin 225 engine runs very smoothly at low revs.

The engine has a good gurgling exhaust note at lower RPM. The clutch is very light and the five-speed gearbox is mostly neat. However, shifting into neutral can be a bit of a hassle as the transmission shifts straight up from 2nd to 1st.

The Ronin is perfect as an urban cruiser – it has a lot of low roughness and is easy to maneuver. However, on the highway, the situation is somewhat different. The engine begins to lose steam at higher RPM. Vibrations that creep in at higher speeds are a bigger problem, so the ideal cruise speed for the Ronin 225 is between 80 km / h and 90 km / h, which is quite low speed.

Is the Ronin 225 comfortable?

The equestrian triangle on the Ronin 225 is a cruiser. The steering wheel is wide, the seat is comfortable and the footrests are put forward. The seat height of 795mm is very accessible and the weight of the motorcycle is 160kg. Since the weight is well distributed, most of the rider does not feel it.

Ronin’s suspension is well damped. He is not easily disturbed. The rear suspension can feel a bit jerky on sharper bumps as it is tuned for a slightly aggressive rebound. Despite the use of scrambler tires with a block pattern, they provide good grip. However, the road-oriented tire could help the bike even more.

What features does the Ronin 225 offer?

TVS is known to equip its motorbikes with many functions. Ronin is no different. It has all LED lighting, a digital instrument cluster with adjustable brightness that shows various information.

The TVS Ronin 225 instrument cluster shows the driver a variety of information.

The TVS Ronin 225 instrument cluster shows the driver a variety of information.

The rider can drive in city and rain mode, and has adjustable brake and clutch levers and Bluetooth connectivity. The motorcycle is also equipped with a silent starting system.

What are the disadvantages of Ronin 225?

For starters, Ronin’s low beam is not ideal for night rides. I noticed there are rust marks on some parts as well. In addition, there is a problem with the headlight and instrument cluster fogging up. I could not view the information displayed in the instrument cluster with the “i” button. The mode button got stuck every time I pressed it. These problems are quite surprising for a motorcycle that has only 625 km on the odometer. Bluetooth connectivity is a little picky to use. Perhaps these problems only apply to earlier Ronin bits, but while they may be easy to fix, they shouldn’t be present at all.

Should You Buy Ronin 225?

Well, if you will be using the Ronin a lot for highway driving, I would suggest looking for another bike. However, as a street bike, the Ronin makes a lot of sense. It is light, easy to manage, rich in features, torque, and the very light clutch only adds to the convenience. And for 1.5 lakh (ex-salon), attracts quite a few attractions on the road.

Date of first publication: Oct 25, 2022, 3:24 pm IST

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