TVS Motor Company solved the semiconductor chip shortage by choosing an alternative source, one top official said.

In the first quarter of fiscal 23, TVSM lost a lot on Apache and Raider shipments due to a shortage of chips, an official said.

“But thanks to our team, we were able to develop alternatively [sources] and now Rider is fully back. Apache is back. I don’t think there will be any problems this season. Now this and next month you will see very well [sales] numbers, ”said KN Radhakrishnan, director and CEO, in an interview with analysts.

These numbers may increase. TVSM is taking his time, he said, adding: “Unlike some of my competitors, I don’t quit. I don’t want to stop [with] any of my dealers have stocks longer than 25 days. If you keep inventory for 75 days, your customers won’t get fresh inventory. “

Claiming that semiconductor companies have come forward to help them, he said this would lead to the sale of 10,000 TVS IQube electric vehicles each month.

The company has now received close to 25,000 bookings on TVS IQube, but can only produce 10,000 units per month. It plans to systematically increase the numbers month by month to 25,000.

In the case of electric vehicles, he said they employ more people on the digital side. “We are actually trying to transfer a lot of people from ICE to EV, train them, make them work on the EV side,” he said.

Mentioning that they have prepared several EV products for the next 8-12 quarters, he said: “So the internal combustion engine (ICE) we know what to do, what products, what kind of interventions and in which markets will continue. But we will continue to invest more and more in electric vehicles. “

He said there are 5,000 bookings waiting for him this month on the recently introduced premium Ronin bike.

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