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A representative image of a TVS X21 concept file

The TVS Motor Company announced today (September 8) that it will be launching a brand new Racer’s Choice motorcycle. Apart from the information about the premiere, the company remained silent about other details of the upcoming motorcycle. The new announcement may be for a racing version of one of the existing bikes and not for a completely new model.
TVS Motor Company currently retailers many Apache series motorcycles, such as the Apache RR310, Apache RTR200 and Apache RTR160 etc. The company also uses these bikes at One Make championships and other racing events. Needless to say, TVS was quite active thanks to its “TVS Racing” arm which was founded in 1983. The company also previously introduced the Apache RTR310 BTO, which is a racing extension to its standard bike.

TVS Motor has previously announced cooperation with Petronas as a racing partner. As part of the previous event, the company also introduced new racing livery to its One Make championship bikes, the Apache RR310 and Apache RTR 200.

What’s more, the company is said to be working on a nude version of its motorcycle with Apache RR310 fairings. However, there are less chances that today’s premiere will be for this bike. If it does, however, it will basically be a modified version of the BMW G310R, which has recently become quite popular in this segment. We will know more details tomorrow (September 8).

Meanwhile, the company recently announced a 15% year-on-year increase in sales last month, with sales of 333,787 units compared to 290,694 units sold in the same period a year ago.

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