TVS Motor Company announced special service support for customers affected by the flooding in Bengaluru. The initiative will take place on September 16-30, 2022. The company announced that a special service is being delivered in line with its “Customer First” commitment to meet the mobility and safety needs of its customers. The city of Bengaluru has recently been hit by flooding due to continuous rains that have submerged several areas in the water.

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TVS has also partnered with various insurance companies to quickly settle insurance claims

As part of the special action, TVS will include a detailed and comprehensive inspection of the vehicle as part of the service inspection process for flood damage and immediate repair. The manufacturer has planned adequate availability of original spare parts and additional manpower from dealers throughout the city to ensure smooth and fast service. TVS also works with various insurance companies to quickly settle insurance claims.

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TVS reaches out to customers in the region to inform them about initiatives via bulk SMS and newspaper advertisements. Customers with submerged vehicles are advised not to attempt to restart the engine to avoid damaging the engine. Recently, Lexus also announced a special service campaign for its customers, providing them with priority service and repair.

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