MUMBAI: Imlie is one of the most loved and successful TV shows, being one of the top 4 shows when it comes to BARC ratings. The story took a significant turn with the deaths of Aryan and Imlie and the start of the second season of Imlie.

We saw a huge leap in the show, after which Imlie and Cheeni both grew up.

According to the latest conspiracy, Atharva feels bad about lying to Imlie because she has started to develop feelings for him. Cheeni is determined to marry Atharva and blackmails him, saying that she will not be able to live if she does not marry him.

As Imlie gets ready, Cheeni walks in and offers to put on some makeup. Cheeni sneakily adds some Imlie’s makeup powder, making her dizzy. As soon as Cheeni puts on her makeup, she leaves. Imlie begins to feel dizzy and passes out.

Cheeni enters and changes her outfit to match what Imlie is wearing. She’s dressed in the same outfit and now looks just like Imlie.

Cheeni and Atharva meet secretly and are glad that their plan has been successful. Cheeni covers her face while Imlie tries to sneak in so that no one knows she was locked and had to jump out the window.

She also covered her face. It crosses Atharva and Cheeni, but they don’t notice her.

Internet users feel that the plot follows the narrative path of Uttaran from Colors TV.

There were some similar events in this show. Tapasya rejects Veer’s proposal, and later Iccha intends to marry Veer, but Tapasya feels that Veer is rich, so he changes his mind. He then asks Iccha to let her marry him and loves Tapasya very much, so she agrees to it.

Likewise, Cheeni is also after Atharva for his money and status. The only difference is that Atharva is aware of his plan to replace Imlie, while Veer was not.

Here’s what viewers have to say:

Pranali Mehta: I feel like the plot is following the same path as Uttaran. The narrative is not at all creative or new. I believe creators need to be better at storytelling. It feels repetitive and there are so many plots that can be explored these days.

Rupali Suresh: I’ve been following Imlie from the beginning. I don’t like it after the jump. The plot seems old and almost the same set of events took place in Uttar. Why can’t the developers come up with something fresh?

Harshali Malhotra: With society advancing so rapidly, there are so many issues that can be resolved. But the creators don’t want to be creative. They repeat the plot and feel like they can do a much better job. As viewers, we deserve better TV content.

Pragati Rathore: I am very disappointed with the development of the action. A girl wants to marry a guy for money and another girl for love. It feels so old and lame. So much can be done with the plot, but the same old narratives are presented.

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