For U.S. HBO Max subscribers who go on vacation, figuring out what to watch during their downtime can be difficult. Sure, there’s always football and parades, but HBO Max has so much more thrilling entertainment to offer.

HBO Max’s biggest premiere this week is The sex lives of college girls Season 2, which continues the free-spirited adventures of four college girls as they explore their post-high school lives at the university. HBO Max also has plenty of holiday content to keep subscribers in the merry spirit, including a sequel to the classic A Christmas story. With all this and more, check out CBR’s pick of the best movies and TV shows to stream on HBO Max this weekend.

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The Sex Lives of College Girls continues the group’s endearing bond

Kimberly, Bela, Leighton and Whitney are back for a second season of The sex lives of college girls. Picking up on the season 1 finale, the girls are back in their dorms at fictional Essex University after a grueling Thanksgiving break. After being banned from the usual frat hangout in Season 1, they must find a way to make the most of their college years. As usual, their solution is typical college shenanigans that never go unnoticed by their peers.

Described as modern day Sex and the citythe first season of The sex lives of college girls was met with critical acclaim for its progressive take on college sexuality and friendships. Unlike the glamorous lifestyle of those on Gossip Girl (whose characters are relatively the same age as the Essex quartet), The sex lives of college girls keeps a low profile that doesn’t go overboard with partying and dramatic storylines. It’s as if a documentary crew follows four college girls for a semester and captures the essence of what makes them tick and the daily struggles women face at that age. And with a diverse cast, there are topics covered by the show that just about anyone can relate to.

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Master the perfect Thanksgiving meal with mince: Thanksgiving

thanksgiving minced

With Thanksgiving on its way, what better way to say thanks than with an intense cooking contest? Chopped: Thanksgiving it does just that by taking the traditional Chopped format and giving it a twist with Thanksgiving-themed mystery ingredients. The competition show follows four chefs over 15 episodes who take Thanksgiving foods every day and transform them into amazing three-course meals. There is also a Chopped – holiday special season for those who have already eaten everything Chopped: Thanksgiving or not celebrate the party.

Celebrate Kevin Conroy with Batman: The Animated Series

Batman and Wonder Woman in the animated series Cropped

Kevin Conroy was the ultimate Batman for a lot of people growing up, especially as the character’s voice in Batman: The Animated Series. Since Conroy’s recent passing, many people have been looking back on their favorite moments Conroy voicing Batman in the animated series to capture the actor’s unique take on the superhero. Luckily, HBO Max has every episode of Batman: The Animated Series to remember the great actor’s time on the show.

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Unlike previous superhero cartoons, Batman: The Animated Series it had a tone of maturity that was unmatched. He delved into a darker side of Bruce Wayne that no one had ever explored and made the series one of the best comic book shows of all time. The series only has three seasons, which is relatively short for animated shows, but the first season’s 65 episodes may take some time to complete. If subscribers aren’t willing to watch every episode, check out what Conroy rated as his personal best in Season 1, Episode 26, “Perchance to Dream.”

Watch as Santa prepares for Christmas at Santa’s Camp

Santa Camp HBO Max

Have you ever wondered where the mall Santas train? Did you know that even Santa Clauses received training? It turns out they go to Santa Camp, which is featured in the newest HBO Max documentary of the same name. The documentary follows the New England Santa Society, which aims to help Santas embody the holiday icon in every way, shape, and form. This year, the event organizers are focusing on addressing the lack of diversity in the Santa community. This year, a disabled Santa, the first black Santa, and a transgender Santa join the camp. These Santas aimed to be the next generation of Santas to come who will hopefully surpass the dated image of old St. Nick.

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Ralphie is no longer a kid in A Christmas Story Christmas

a Christmas story Christmas

After nearly 40 years, Peter Billingsley is back as Ralphie Parker A Christmas Story Christmas. She was only 11 in the first film, A Christmas story, and while her childlike spirit may be gone in the sequel, the holiday spirit definitely isn’t. The film is set in the 1970s (33 years after the first film), where Ralphie is now the dad trying to give his children the memorable Christmas his now deceased father gave him. The first A Christmas story has always been near and dear to the hearts of many moviegoers, no matter how profitable it has become since its release, with lamps and leg ornaments being the selling points. But A Christmas Story Christmas it has a sense of sincerity that, despite being an unwarranted sequel, is justified by its emphasis on family during the holiday season.

The Entourage offers Vincent Chase a new path in life

accompanying film

HBO Max recently released the 2015 theatrical continuation of the television series Entourage, which followed the acting career of Vincent Chase, a young A-list movie star, as he and his friends battle for stardom in Los Angeles. The film picks up just nine days after the show’s finale, where Vincent has separated from his wife and wants to make a change in his career. He plans to make his directorial debut, but when he goes over budget, he has to ask studio head Ari Gold for more money.

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