By Saumyangi Yadav

The order prohibits students from dating vice chancellor or registrar without prior permission

Recently, Bangalore University issued a circular prohibiting students from approaching the vice-chancellor or registrar without prior permission, which was criticized by students.

A circular issued on October 16 said, “Students, including researchers and university dormitories, were observed coming to meet the vice-chancellor and the registrar directly. These visits without prior permission are considered trespassing protocol and after that students have to submit their application complaints to the heads of relevant departments.”

The order, which came after a series of protests at the university, did not go down well with student groups who felt it was impossible to prevent students from communicating.

“This circular comes after a series of protests in the university. Meanwhile, students need the government to listen to them and take appropriate action. Banning students from interacting is not the solution,” a university student told Bangalore Mirror.

Students and activists are angry.

“BU has a legacy of having VCs who support the interest of students…the decision that Bangalore University students should not meet VCs without prior permission is very surprising. This undemocratic, anti-student decision by the university is highly condemnable at a time when efforts should be made to protect the democratic and scholarly environment in the university,” the All India Democratic Students Organization (AIDSO) said in a press release.

“…the VC should fulfill the obligation to respond to the concerns and issues of the students. Now the university has decided to abdicate its responsibilities and obligations, which only shows the university’s anti-movement attitude,” he added.

After an outcry broke out among the student body, university students demanded an explanation.

Banning students from applying to them is not the solution

– a student

The university has issued this circular which states that students should make an appointment to meet the VC and registrar and they should do so only during campus office hours. “We have spoken to the registrar and found that the notice was issued when a group of students barged into the office without consent,” he said. Lokesh RamVice-President, Association of Postgraduate and Research Fellows, Bangalore University.

This is only a precautionary measure taken by the authorities. If the issue is related to the hostel, the hostel management and the students should try to resolve it mutually, they said. Similarly, if the problem is limited to a particular department, students should not approach the administration directly with their complaints.

But the authorities are generally receptive to our problems, Lokesh added.

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