Samsung has followed in LG’s footsteps by making the Tizen operating system – which powers its smart TVs – available to third-party manufacturers.

Both companies license their smart TV platforms to third-party manufacturers, which is good news if you’re downstream and looking for a good cheap TV.

This means that manufacturers will be able to release sets with Tizen OS TV or LG webOS Hub, which are considered to be one of the best smart TV operating systems. This is something we’ve already seen on Amazon and Roku as both vendors license the technology to other developers.

Samsung initially announced its intention to offer Tizen OS to TV manufacturers last year, with the first kits expected by the end of this year. New kits from little-known manufacturers such as Bauhn, Linsar, Sunny, Vispera will be available in several countries, including the UK.

This means manufacturers will be able to offer well-stocked app stores with the best third-party streaming apps and, as Samsung says, other great features like:

  • Samsung TV Plus, Samsung’s free TV and video platform that will allow users to enjoy hundreds of live channels, entertainment, news, shows and sports – for free.
  • A universal guide that allows you to easily browse and discover all content in different streaming apps, as well as personalized recommendations so users can spend more time watching and less time searching.
  • Bixby, a voice assistant platform that will provide users with a more convenient way to explore smart TVs. Users can tell Bixby to search, watch, or perform various functions.

LG announced a similar move on October 6, giving licensed kits access to curated content, Magic Explorer content guides, and Clear Voice Pro to provide clearer dialogue. WebOS Hub also offers access to top streaming services such as Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, and GeForce Now from Nvidia.

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