The future of 8K TVs is at stake as new EU consumption limits are too low.

While I still don’t see the need for an 8k screen, we also know that blogger resolutions often require more energy. And that will stop soon because of new EU legislation.

On March 1, 2023, all new televisions will have to comply with more stringent rules, including the lower maximum power levels they can use. The European Union recently updated its energy label in March 2021, moving many TV models to the lowest energy class (G). From March 1, 2023, even more stringent requirements will be imposed on all new TVs produced by flatpanelsHD, including lower maximum energy consumption levels.

Samsung Electronics said FlatpanelsHD that they believe 8K TVs can meet the new regulations, but it won’t be easy. In both cases, this is bad news for 8K TVs as the rule will force TV manufacturers to give up or compromise in the short term.

– “Thanks to the EU 8K regulatory ruling, March 2023 will be a bad time for the new 8K industry if things don’t change. Then new EU rules on the amount of power used will come into force. The power that 8K TVs and microLED displays can use is so low that hardly any of these devices will pass “on the post,” wrote the 8K Association. Currently, OLED TVs may use slightly more power than LCD TVs (“LED”, “QLED”, “miniLED” etc.), while microLED and all types of 8K TVs are exempt from the maximum power limit and therefore can be sold in Europe . As of March 1, 2023, there will be no more exceptions for display technology or 8K TVs. “The EEI of the electronic display must not exceed the maximum EEI (EEImax) according to the limits in table 1,” says the EU.

Table 1 EEImax for electronic displays with a resolution of up to 2,138,400 pixels (HD) EEImax for electronic displays with resolutions above 2,138,400 pixels (HD) and up to 8,294,400 pixels (UHD-4k) EEImax for electronic displays with resolutions above 8,294,400 pixels (UHD-4k) and for MicroLED displays
March 1, 2021 0.90 1.10 no
March 1, 2023 0.75 0.90 0.90

FlatpanelsHD has performed EEImax (Energy Efficiency Index) calculations for various popular TV size classes. Here’s what that means for LCD, OLED and microLED TVs, both 4K and 8K.

Size class

: Maximum power for 4K and 8K TVs
40 “ 48 W.
42 “ 53 W.
48 “ 66
55 “ 84
65 “ 112 W.
75 “ 141
77 “ 148 W.
83 “ 164 W.
85 “ 169 W
88 “ 178 W

The EU energy labels for existing 4K and 8K TVs (see table below) put some context behind why it will be so difficult to make 8K TVs compatible, both LCD and OLED. Standard 4K LCD TVs and 4K OLED TVs should go through as is, but some high-end 4K LCD TVs with advanced zone dimming can also get into trouble.

Requirements are for the default picture mode with which the TV is shipped. Televisions may still offer other picture modes that use more power, such as manual selections that must display a warning on the screen to alert the user of increased power consumption.

The EU has scheduled a review of the 2023 Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) by the end of 2022, so it remains to be seen if anything changes before March 2023. EU energy labeling and ecodesign rules aim to “get the least-performing products out of the market,” said the Commission European in 2021

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