Scottish heartthrob Gerard Butler currently has a No. 1 on Netflix with its latest film, the action thriller Last seen alive. Given the popularity of the actor’s projects, many fans are looking to see if Netflix has any other Gerard Butler movies available to watch.

You’re in luck because Netflix is ​​currently streaming many of the 52-year-old’s movies, including the romantic comedy The bounty hunter and two of the He fell movie. Below we will highlight all of Gerard Butler’s movies on Netflix, as well as some of his other notable films and where you can watch them.

The best Gerard Butler movies on Netflix

Last seen alive (2022)

Gerard Butler’s latest film is an action thriller starring Marvel actress Jaimie Alexander. Butler plays a desperate husband who has to dig into the local underworld when his wife (Alexander) mysteriously disappears from a gas station, forcing him to take his own justice. Last seen alive did not go well with the critics, but the film is already the n. 1 on Netflix.

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Butler took a break from action movies and thrillers to do a romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston in 2010. This isn’t the first time he’s doing a romantic comedy, like his movie. The hard truth with Katherine Heigl is also popular.

Bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Butler) thinks his luck is finally spinning when he’s tasked with picking up his ex-wife after she pops out on bail, but Nicole (Aniston) is smarter than she looks and escapes. of Milo, leading the exes to a superiority game that soon draws them into a murder investigation.

The film series has fallen

Somehow the 2013 action movie The fall of the Gods spawned a trilogy with at least one other film (The night has fallen) on the road. There are potentially two other films And a TV show that will come out later. Butler stars in all three films and we can safely assume that he will also be in the fourth film. Alone The fall of the Gods and its sequel London has fallen I’m on Netflix.

Lair of Thieves (2018)

The leader of an elite unit within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department finds himself on a collision course with an ex-military gang as cops try to stop criminals from carrying out a Federal Reserve robbery Bank of the city. Butler plays Detective Nick “Big Nick” O’Brien, a drunkard, head of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Unit.

More of Gerard Butler’s best movies (and where to stream them)

Although Netflix has several Gerard Butler movies, not all of its best movies are available on the platform. You should check out other projects of him and where to look at them.

  • How to train your dragon: Streaming on Prime Video
  • Her Majesty, Mrs Brown: Streaming on BritBox
  • Copshop: Streaming on Peacock Premium
  • Dear Frankie: Streaming on Prime Video
  • Shadow Company: Streaming on Starz
  • Greenland: Streaming on HBO Max
  • 300: Streaming on TubiTV
  • Rock’n Roll: Streaming on HBO Max
  • Chasing Mavericks: Streaming on Disney +
  • the Phantom of the Opera: Available for rent / purchase
  • Law abiding citizen: Streaming on Prime Video and Hulu
  • PS I love you: Available for rent / purchase
  • The hard truth: Streaming on Starz

Which Gerard Butler movies are your favorite?

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