Bangalore is notorious for massive traffic jams that cause delays and wasted time. To cut down on travel time between the city and Bangalore airport, you can soon hire a chopper that covers the two-hour distance in just 15 minutes! Here are the details. By: Anushka Goel

If you are short on time, you can cut the journey from Bangalore city to the airport to just 15 minutes. Blade India has announced that it will launch chopper services to provide faster travel between the city and the suburban Kempegowda International Airport, saving you a lot of time.

Bangalore Airport Chopper Service: Everything You Need To Know

The chopper service will begin on October 10 and will fly five days a week. Priced at INR 3,250 (excluding taxes), the chopper will be able to ferry five to six passengers between the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd airport and the Bangalore airport.

This cuts travel time from 120 minutes to just 15 minutes, allowing you to board your flight on time and get to your destination of choice. According to NDTV, the company said that many more destinations, namely Whitefield and Electronic City, will soon be added to the service. The report added that with the launch of the service, the chopper service will run twice a day, with the first trip starting at 9:00 am. The second chopper is scheduled for 4:15 p.m.

Bangalore is known for its city-wide traffic jams. Several memoirs and frustrated travelers attest to the fact that sometimes walking seems like a better solution to getting to a destination than taking a taxi or taking a car. The helicopter service is expected to ease some of the traffic problems and make travel easier.

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