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■ A New Giant-Scale Science-Fiction Undertaking Themed After the “Crossroads” of Humanity and Synthetic Intelligence by Bandai Namco Group




12 months 2222: A prequel that fantastically and fleetingly depicts the connection between people and synthetic intelligence in a collapsing world.

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12 months 2242: A sequel that brightly and powerfully depicts the connection between people and synthetic intelligence in a collapsed world.

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■ Sport Define

I’m with you.

Alone however not alone.

A player-versus-player-versus-environment third-person shooter wherein the participant pilots an armed car (“Coffin”) and fights for sources on the floor alongside their “Magus” companion.

No two experiences are the identical. The extra you survive collectively on this harsh world and continuously adapt to its everchanging setting, the deeper your Magus companion expertise.

A singular and thrilling journey awaits you and your Magus.


World and Story

2099. The toxic blue rain “Blueschist” rained down on the earth. It was a calamity that continued for weeks. The “Tears of the New Moon,” because it was referred to as, worn out 92 % of the world’s inhabitants. The people that survived deserted the floor to construct the underground city-state of Amasia.

2222. Amasia has turn out to be a affluent metropolis in pursuit of sustainable happiness, however an incident of unknown origin causes its collapse in a single day.

A while has handed since then, and also you, a Drifter in pursuit of AO Crystals, spend your days roaming the hazardous earth aboard your bipedal armed car often known as a “Cradle Coffin.” Together with your one-of-a-kind companion Magus watching your again.

Tears of the New Moon


The title of the occasion that occurred on the night time of the brand new moon in 2099. An unknown, lethal poison, later named “Blueschist,” stormed down on the earth. The rain was deep-blue, not clear, and easily touching it may kill an individual. The ensuing setting made it extraordinarily tough for humanity to proceed to dwell on the floor, so the survivors constructed an underground metropolis to flee the lethal Blueschist.



An enormous underground city-state constructed by those that survived the Tears of the New Moon. It’s a metropolis the place all the things from infrastructure to start price is regulated by synthetic intelligence, and residents are assured a prescribed way of life. The middle of town is lit by an enormous cluster of AO Crystals.

AO Crystals


Vitality crystals which have grown on the floor because the Tears of the New Moon. On this new period, AO Crystals may be transformed into electrical energy and used as a brand new power supply. Since AO Crystals solely exist on the floor, Drifters should mine for them regularly.



Creatures that roam the floor stated to be a pure enemy of humanity. People and synthetic intelligence confront them in armed automobiles.

■ Characters

ADA (voiced by Yui Ishikawa)



A humanoid simply mistakable for a human, with a synthetic intelligence that thinks like a human. A dependable companion who rides with the participant on the Cradle Coffin, and supplies a variety of assist from exploration to fight. Every Magus has its personal character and look, and every participant has a singular Magus that accompanies them. ADA is the Magus companion of Drifter Alba Kuze.


Alba Kuze (voiced by Yuuya Hirose)



Those that make a dwelling scavenging for sources, together with AO Crystals—power crystals which have grown on the floor because the Tears of the New Moon. Initially which means “vagabond,” the time period was used with reverence for “those that may wander the cruel land.” Alba Kuze is a younger Drifter who operates the Cradle Coffin “Bowie Rabbit” along with his Magus companion ADA.


■ Cradle Coffin

Bowie Rabbit


—Cradle Coffin

A bipedal armed car operated by a human pilot and their Magus companion. Often known as a pan-weather bipedal cruiser. It’s geared up with numerous armaments for its inevitable encounters in opposition to Enders, in addition to to adapt to the cruel setting when gathering AO Crystals. The field on its again is named a “coffin,” and the half the place the pilot enters is named the “cradle.” Bowie Rabbit is the armed car given to the Drifter Alba Kuze.


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