India is all set to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, and as the monsoon recedes over 60% of the region, major parts of the country are rejoicing in sunny and bright weather.

Most parts of North, North East, East and Central India have witnessed sunny and dry weather in the last week.

Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Hyderabad received regular rains in the last one week as rains were observed in parts of subcontinent India, but the Northeast Monsoon did not enter Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. , because some conditions still. satisfied with.

Winter is on the doorstep of the Himalayas as a fresh western disturbance lashed hill stations of Kashmir, Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh on Thursday and Friday.

The first snowfall of the season was recorded at India Meteorological Department’s observatories in Lahaul on 21 October till 8:30 am with gondola height of 3.0 cm and Keylong height of 1.0 cm.

Precipitation at hill stations for October 21 at 8:30 am:

Banihal 34.4 mm
Bhaderwah 33.3 mm
Qazi Gund 31.0 mm
Wavy 23.0 mm
Chamba 17.0 mm
Kothai 13.1 mm
Dharamshala 12.3 mm

Clear skies after a western disturbance on October 22 will cause minimum temperatures to drop sharply to sub-zero at various mountain peaks.:

Hanle Top -7.7 °C
The glass is -6.3°C
Dras -5.2 ° C
Leh -5.0 ° C
Padum -4.8°C
Chuchot -4.0°C
Gulmarg -2.4°C
Kargil -1.7°C
Kedarnath -1.5 °C
Keylong -1.5°C
Axtal -1.5 ° C
Kukumsheri -1.4°C
Pahalgam -0.4°C

Meanwhile, dry and pleasant weather prevailed over the plains of North India, Central India and East India.
Parts of peninsular India continue to receive some more rain before the monsoon bids its final farewell to the region.

A line of evening thunderstorms in Pune recorded a total of 303 mm of rainfall for the month of October, pushing it past the 300 mm rainfall threshold, making it the 2nd wettest October in 11 years, 2020 the year was the wettest in the decade with 312 mm of precipitation. Shivajinagar Observatory in the city.

Bangalore had its wettest year on record by the Indian Meteorological Service.

The city observatory recorded a total of 1,801.2 mm till October 23, the highest annual rainfall in the country’s IT hub.

10 wettest years in Bengaluru since 1900:
2022 – 1801.2 mm
2017 – 1696.0 mm
2005 – 1608.5 mm
2021 – 1510.5 mm
1998 – 1431.8 mm
1916 – 1348.0 mm
1991 – 1338.5 mm
1903 – 1301.3 mm
2008 – 1286.0 mm
1958 – 1283.3 mm

The post-monsoon rainfall has so far exceeded the country’s total, with India as a whole receiving a total of 104.2 mm between October 1 and October 23, against the normal 63.2 mm, a departure from the normal + It was 65%.

Weather report Sunny and bright conditions for limited Diwali showers in parts of Peninsular India

(Parts of India received rain in October)

Seasonal precipitation indicators

Southern Peninsula: Actual 164.7 mm vs. 116.4 mm average, + 41% away from normal.

East and North East India: Actual 129.5 mm vs. 109.2 mm average, +19% away from the norm.

North West India: Actual 64.3 mm vs. 19.6 mm average, + 228% deviation from normal.

Central India: Actual 93.2 mm vs. 50.0 mm average, +86% deviation from normal.

Current synoptic features affecting weather in India as on October 23:

• Southwest Monsoon withdrew from rest of the country today, 23rd
October 2022.

Weather report Sunny and bright conditions for limited Diwali showers in parts of Peninsular India

• The trough over the east central Bay of Bengal has moved NW at 20.
kmph in the last 6 hours and lies at 08:30 IST on 23rd October.
West central and adjacent east central Bay of Bengal near 15.6°N and 88.4°longitude, about 640
km northwest of Port Blair, 670 km south of Sagar Island and 820 km southwest of Barisal
(Bangladesh). In the next 12 hours, it will move northwest and become a cyclone.
A storm in the central Bay of Bengal. After that, he recurve and moves north-northeast wards
Cross the Bangladesh coast between Tinkona Island and Sandwip near Barisal, about early on 25 October.
in the morning.

Weather report Sunny and bright conditions for limited Diwali showers in parts of Peninsular India

(Satellite images show the formation of a cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal)

• The tube operates from cyclonic rotation associated with the current
A deep depression in the Comorin region adjacent to the west central and east central Bay of Bengal
South Bay of Bengal and North Sri Lanka and is 7.6 km above mean sea level.

• A Western Disturbance is a trough located in the middle and upper western layers of the troposphere with an axis of 5.8 km.
Above mean sea level along Long. In the north of the lot, 82.0° E. 20.0° N. continues.

All India Weather Forecast till October 30:

• Dry weather is likely to prevail over all major areas in the coming week with monsoon over most parts of the country.
Over North India, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi NCR, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, night temperatures are expected to drop below 15°C at key stations to monitor dry weather conditions, with cold nights expected. The Himalayas will see minimum temperatures below zero, while the plains will experience very cool mornings with minimum temperatures of 10 to 15 °C next week.
The air quality index will range from poor to very poor during the week and may not move into the dangerous category soon as meteorological conditions such as wind patterns and speeds remain favorable.

Similar to North India, weather conditions can be very dry in Central India.
Dry winds are blowing from the North, which will bring down the night temperatures in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh next week and the minimum temperature is likely to be a pleasant 15 to 20°C.

The wet phase of rain is expected to slow over South India next week as Cyclone Sitrang formed over the Bay of Bengal siphons all the moisture from land to sea.
Goa, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu will witness mostly dry conditions till October 30, which will be the only dry phase before the Northeast Monsoon sweeps parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Impact of Cyclone Sitrang on East and North East India from October 23-27:

Odisha: Coastal districts of Odisha are likely to experience light to moderate rainfall at many places on Saturday 23rd and isolated heavy rainfall is likely to occur over the same region on 24th October and isolated heavy rains are likely to occur over north coastal districts of Odisha on 25th October.

West Bengal: Light to moderate rainfall at some places over coastal districts of West Bengal (adjacent to South and North 24 Parganas and East and East Medinipur) on October 23, most places light to moderate rainfall, heavy rainfall is possible at many places. Coastal districts of West Bengal (adjacent to South and North Parganas, East and West Medinipur) are likely to experience very heavy rainfall on October 24.
West Coast districts (South and North Parganas and Nadia) may experience light to moderate rainfall with isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall.
Bengal, 25 October.

North Eastern States:

Heavy to heavy rainfall is likely over North Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, South Assam, East Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura on October 24. .
Light to moderate rainfall over most places, isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall over that region on October 25, isolated heavy rainfall over Arunachal Pradesh, northeast Assam and Nagaland on October 26.

Weather report Sunny and bright conditions for limited Diwali showers in parts of Peninsular India

(Graphic Intensity Track of Cyclone Sitrang on October 23 Afternoon)

Wind Warning:

October 23: Wind speed of 50-60 km/h gusting to 70 km/h over West Central and adjoining East Central and Southeast Bay of Bengal. It will gradually intensify with gusts of 65-75 km/h gusting to 85 km/h in the same area from the evening of the 23rd.
Wind speed of 35-45 kmph, gusting to 55 kmph is likely over Odisha and West Bengal coasts and Andaman Islands and adjoining North Andaman Sea.

October 24: The wind speed of 80-90 km/h will reach 100 km/h in the west central and neighboring areas of the central and northern Bay of Bengal. It will gradually increase and become 90-100 km/h in the same region by the evening of the 24th.

October 25: In the northern part of the Bay of Bengal and along the coast of Bangladesh and beyond, the wind speed of 90-100 km / s can reach up to 110 km / s; 70-90 kmph gusting to 100 kmph over 24 Parganas district and beyond, 60-70 kmph gusting to 60-70 kmph over East Medinipur district of West Bengal coast till dawn. It will gradually decrease to 45-55 km/h and up to 65 km/h in the evening over the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Gusty wind speed of 45-55 to 65 kmph over Balasore district and beyond with gusty winds of 40-50 kmph over rest of north coastal districts of Odisha.

Wind speed may increase to 50-60 kmph to 70 kmph over Tripura, 45-55 kmph to 65 kmph over Mizoram, south Assam and adjoining eastern Meghalaya and Manipur.

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