by Blumhouse To produce The film is receiving a new jolt of creative energy, with the film based on Todd McFarlane’s comic book character adding a trio of screenwriters.

Jokeras Scott Silver, Falcon and the Winter SoldierMalcolm Spellman and up-and-coming screenwriter Matt Mixon are collaborating on a new script for the film, which has been in development at Blumhouse since 2017. Jamie Foxx remains tied to the role of the anti-hero, first introduced in comics in 1992, with McFarlane among the producers of the film.

McFarlane was looking at the director’s chair and had written a previous draft of the script. But the comic writer and artist acknowledges that he may not be the right person to direct, particularly now that some of the most high-profile writers in the comic book space are involved.

“If we have an A Series actor, A Series producers, A Series writers, then do you want to shoot for A Series directors, A Series filmmakers?” McFarlane says The Hollywood reporter. “The answer is: ‘Sure.’ Let’s keep the momentum going. “

Spellman notes that Spawn holds a special place for him.

“I grew up in Berkeley, a comic book town. Todd McFarlane’s Spawn character has always been a favorite of mine – a black superhero who wasn’t bullshit, was likeable and dealt with modern matters, “Spellman says in a note.” Me, Matt Mixon and Scott Silver are committed. to honor what Todd started and what Spawn is at its core, delivering something relevant and edgy and unlike any other superhero movie out there. “

Silver and Spellman both put their stamps on the comic book sphere in different ways. Joker defied expectations in 2019, earning more than $ 1 billion globally and earning Best Actor Oscar star Joaquin Phoenix, while Silver and director Todd Phillips earned Oscar nominations for adapted screenplay. Silver, who was previously nominated for an Oscar for writing The fighteris currently writing a sequel to Joker with Phillips. He is represented by CAA.

Spellman created The hawk and the winter soldier, the Disney + series starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. The series was praised for addressing social issues such as institutional racism in a way never before depicted in a comic book adaptation. He is currently writing the high profile Captain America: New World Order for Marvel Studios as the protagonist Mackie. He is represented by CAA and Industry Entertainment.

Mixon made his way into the world of documentaries and directed the 2017 music doc Yesterday was all, about the hardcore band Misery Signals that reunited 10 years after their debut album. The writer is represented by manager Heller Highwater.

To produce was a launch title for Image Comics, the artist-founded publisher that hosts titles such as The walking dead and where McFarlane remains CEO. The original To produce Number 1 sold 1.7 million issues and the character launched games, an HBO animated show, and a 1997 New Line movie starring Michael Jai White. McFarlane has kept the character a priority in Image, launching more titles in the past year.

In the comics, Spawn is a former black operations agent who makes a deal with a demon after being betrayed and killed. The demon allows him to return to Earth, but when he returns, five years have passed, his wife has moved on and he wanders the Earth like a disfigured spawn of hell.

While Foxx remains tied to the star, Jeremy Renner’s involvement, which was previously assigned, is to be determined, depending on how things come together with the new draft. McFarlane’s version of the script was for a low-budget film, but the new To produce could get a slightly higher budget, says McFarlane, who along with the team is looking for a studio partner.

As for this latest iteration of To produceMcFarlane mentions seeing the R classification Joker in 2019 as a turning point, with him wondering: “Why not just choose the guy who wrote the film?” He was pleasantly surprised that Silver said yes, and an avalanche erupted from there, with the other writers joining.

Says McFarlane: “It was a complete Hail Mary. Sometimes timing is everything ”.

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