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Buying a new one Television is not an easy commitment. You are trying to find something that fits your budget without compromising image quality and features. We researched all the latest TV deals on the market and found a handful of TVs with stunning picture quality – all under $ 2,000.

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These Samsung, Sony, LG and even TCL TVs are worth the price, and we’ve listed their key features below as well as why you should consider buying them.

What are the best TVs under $ 2,000: Buying Guide

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying the best TVs online for under $ 2,000. Here’s what to look for to find the best TV for you.

Resolution: Each TV listed below has a 4K resolution. 4K (3840 x 2160) is the horizontal screen resolution of around 4000 pixels and is typically described as four times clearer than HD. 4K TVs provide stunning picture quality, crisp images, deeper contrast and brighter, more accurate colors.

Size: If you’re looking for a good under $ 2,000 TV, you’ll need one that’s at least 55 inches so you don’t squint at the screen from a distance. The TVs we’ve listed below range from 55 inches to 75 inches, but are also available in other sizes in case you need a larger (or smaller) screen.

QLED vs. OLED vs. LED: QLEDS are similar to LED TVs in that both use some kind of LCD panel with LED backlighting. The only difference is that QLED TVs also use quantum dot technology as a way to get better blacks than regular LED TVs. QLEDS are also brighter than LED TVs and most OLED TVs.

OLED TVs in comparison use self-illuminating pixels, which means that these TVs produce almost perfect blacks and provide a contrast ratio like no other. Additionally, since self-illuminating pixels can emit light in every direction, OLED TVs also have the widest viewing angles compared to QLED or LED TVs.

Additional Features: Other features you may need on your new TV include Smart Assistant compatibility, a designated game mode (if you’re playing), and a good port selection. Some TVs also come with extras like free Samsung TV channels and Apple AirPlay 2 support – so you can transfer photos and videos directly from your smartphone.

1.65-inch LG OLED C1 4K TV

We recommend the 65-inch model here, although this TV is available in many other screen sizes from 48 to 83 inches. The TV itself comes with an OLED display for rich blacks and accurate colors, whether you’re streaming or gaming.

This OLED TV also has a game optimizer for faster refresh rates and a choice between G-Sync and FreeSync technology. G-Sync is an NVIDIA-specific technology that helps reduce image tearing, ensuring a clear picture no matter what game you choose.

This LG TV also comes with Motion Blur technology, so you can keep an eye on your teammates during games together or keep an eye on the ball throughout your team’s soccer game.

Other features include sports alert mode and support for DolbyVision and Atmos.


Get the LG 65 ” 4K OLED TV from the C1 series

2.65 inch SAMSUNG QN90A TV

This TV hits under $ 2,000 and has a 4K display resolution, built-in Alexa, and quantum HDR, which Samsung says adjusts color and picture quality to your viewing environment.

It is also one of the best Samsung QLED TVs that combines quantum dots and mini-LEDs to provide a brighter, more balanced picture. In addition, there is a Game Mode that allows you to adjust the screen aspect ratio, input lag and frame rate for a more personalized gaming experience.

We also like the sound on this TV, which uses Object Tracking technology to map the sound to the action on the TV.

Other highlights include four HDMI ports and a clever multi-view function that allows you to watch different media side by side at the same time.

Samsung Q90A

Buy 65-inch SAMSUNG QN90A 2 TV for $ 197.99

3. Sony 55-inch 4K A80K TV

Sony’s large screen TV is available in three sizes (55 inch, 65 inch and 77 inch), although a 55 inch TV will suffice in most rooms. This Sony option also has Google TV built-in so you can download your favorite streaming apps and use the Google Assistant for hands-free control.

The screen uses Sony XR OLED Contrast Pro technology for more realistic visuals, including more accurate levels of brightness and contrast.

As for audio, you have Dolby Atmos and Acoustic Surface Audio + support for immersive audio. The TV also has two subwoofers that give you a throbbing bass whether you’re watching new ones or not Top Gun or you are playing your favorite PlayStation games.

Speaking of PlayStation, Sony designs its TV to work with a next-gen console. This means less input lag and automatic tone mapping for all your games.

SONY a80 thousand

Get the Sony 55 inch 4K A80K TV

4. TCL 65-inch 4K Roku TV

TCL’s Smart TV 4K Roku is another QLED model worth considering.

It has a Roku built-in so you can download all the necessary streaming apps to your new TV. There are three screen sizes (55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch), and if you have enough space, we strongly recommend choosing the widest model.

This Smart TV also comes with Dolby Vision HDR imaging and TCL’s own Photon technology that delivers sharp, realistic images whether you’re streaming or gaming. There are even color contrast zones to give you better contrast whatever entertainment you choose

The TV has four HDMI ports and a slim, almost frameless design that should fit seamlessly into your space.

TCL 6 series TV

Buy TCL 65-inch 4K Roku TV worth $ 1,398.00

5. Amazon Omni Series Fire TV

This smart TV has 4K and HDR resolution for stunning, vivid images, whether you’re gaming or streaming. There’s also Dolby Vison, which gives deeper contrasts, highlights and clarity to all your entertainment. Since Fire TV is built-in, you’ll also be able to access Alexa for complete hands-free control.

You also have plenty of HDMI ports at your disposal, so you can add a game console or any other device to your TV setup. And while there’s Wi-Fi built in, you also have an Ethernet port if you choose to use it. Download all your favorite apps to your new TV and easily stream from Netflix, Hulu and Disney +.

You can even wirelessly connect a pair of Echo speakers to your new TV. Plus, with AirPlay support, stream your home movies directly to your Fire TV whenever you want.

TV series

Buy Amazon Omni Series Fire TV $ 759.99

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