Python Attempting to Aggressively Chew Man Who Was Attempting to Feed It

So about that adage, “By no means chew the hand that feeds you”? One reticulated python did not get the memo. A viral video posted on Instagram reveals the snake attempting to assault a person who’s merely attempting to serve it a hen dinner. Learn on to see the heart-stopping clip, learn the way large and highly effective reticulated pythons can get, and see why they have been within the information a number of instances in the previous few months. 


The video was posted on the Instagram account world-of-snakes. Within the clip, a person is seen holding a hen with tongs. He opens a door, and a snake springs ahead, immediately at him. Fortunately, the person backs away and avoids being bitten. Because the clip ends, he presents the clearly hungry snake with its poultry entree. Hold studying to be taught extra and see the video.

The video has garnered greater than 25,000 likes on Instagram. “He did not need that lil hen he went after his ‘large meal’,” stated one commenter. “He stated they’re late with feeding me, who ever open up that door is gonna get it!!!” “Me when my meals’s contemporary out the oven,” wrote one other person. “That is what occurs once you solely open the cage when it is feeding time,” stated one other.


The reticulated python is the world’s longest snake. Native to South and Southeast Asia, they’ll develop to excessive proportions: An 18-foot python captured in Florida this summer time weighed 200 kilos. They’re constrictors—that means, they subdue their prey by squeezing—and may be harmful to people. Learn on to learn the way harmful.

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This is not the primary video that includes a python to go viral in current months. In June, the Thailand Straits Instances reported on a lady who freed a pet cat from being strangled by a python. A manufacturing facility employee on break noticed a 12-foot-snake wrapped round a white cat known as Pedro. She whacked the reptile with a baby’s scooter till it loosened its grip, permitting the cat to flee. “I wished to assist so I picked up the closest object and simply hit the snake to make it let go of the cat,” the lady stated. “Pedro the cat is sort of a pet on the manufacturing facility and we feed him on daily basis, so he is like one of many crew and we’re all acquainted with him. Everybody has watched the video and is glad he is secure.”


Extra tragically, a Pennsylvania man was killed in July by an 18-foot-long snake he was maintaining as a pet. Elliot Senseman, 27, died 4 days after a reticulated python wrapped itself round his neck at his residence, slicing off oxygen to his mind. Senseman was a educated snake handler who had rescued the reptile. He was apparently cleansing the snake’s tank, and his demise was dominated an accident. An animal skilled stated the snake did not essentially have violent intentions. “More often than not, it’s not out of aggression, so there is likely to be conditions, like they wish to go in direction of heat, so that they sense physique warmth,” stated Cher Vatalaro, director of conservation training on the Lehigh Valley Zoo. “They’re constrictors, that’s their pure conduct, however clearly that poses a risk.” 

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