Aam Aadmi Party leaders are campaigning in full swing for the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections. Among the prominent leaders, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has also frequently visited the poll-bound state. On October 1, CM Mann attended one such program and tried out Garba and Bhangra dance.

However, things turned sour for the AAP leader when the singer sang the popular Punjabi song ‘Apna Punjab Hove, Ghar Di Sharab Hove’, originally sung by legendary Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann, on stage. In the song, the singer gets nostalgic for the time back home in Punjab and remembers how people prepare homemade liquor.

Namely, C.M. Also, Gujarat is a dry state, which means that the sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in Gujarat.

In a little over a minute long video shared by AAP supporters and leaders themselves, CM Bhagwant Mann could be seen doing the Garba at the beginning. However, at the 0:49 time stamp, the singer started singing ‘Apna Punjab Hove’ and expected CM Mann to dance to the tunes, but the lyrics made him visibly awkward, and he just stood there with a smile on his face. Within 10 seconds, CM Mann decided to leave the stage.

Interestingly, several AAP leaders and supporters shared the video praising CM Mann and completely missed the point of how it was visibly problematic for the Punjab CM. AAP MLA Kuldeep Kumar praised CM Mann for the Garba dance.

AAP leader Rajesh Sharma called it a “super” performance and said he “really enjoyed” the performance.

Twitter user Siddharth praised CM. Mann for his dancing skills.

Twitter user Dr Safin also praised him for trying Garba.

However, several Twitter users pointed out that Gujaratis might have been mocking CM Mann with the song. Twitter user Oye Jahazi said: โ€œGuijus trolling him or what? Singing ‘Apna Punjab hove, Ghar di shraab hove’ when Bhagwant Mann danced on stage.”

Notably, during an election event, AAP leaders were also greeted with “Modi Modi” chants. It is not clear whether the two videos are from the same person or not.

List of cases where Bhagwant Man was caught allegedly drunk

In 2015, former AAP leader Yogendra Yadav alleged that Mann had attended Parliament sessions while under the influence of alcohol. In a statement, he said, โ€œI first discovered it in July 2014 when AAP had a meeting with all its Lok Sabha candidates. Mann sat next to me and smelled of alcohol. I mentioned it to Arvind Kejriwal, and he nodded. Around that time I heard rumors that Mann was going to the Lok Sabha sessions drunk.”

In October of that year, the former Granthi of Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, reportedly observed that Mann was drunk. He attended the sacrifice god ceremony at Faridkot. Mann was asked to leave the stage, and the incident caused nationwide party embarrassment.

In 2016, AAP leader Harinder Singh Khalsa accused Mann of being drunk in the house. That same year, Mann live-streamed his trip to Parliament and posted the video on Facebook. His actions drew the ire of other members of the house as he breached security by recording a video from Parliament, allegedly under the influence of alcohol. Later that year, Mann allegedly showed up at Manmet Alisher’s funeral in a drunken state.

Former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and Charanjit Singh Chani accused Mann of being a drunkard.

In 2018, Bhagwant Mann went to address an election rally at Gol Dighi in Bhatinda. When it was Mann’s turn to speak, Mann couldn’t even stand it.

In April 2022, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandak Committee (SGPC) alleged that Punjab Chief Minister and AAP leader Bhagwant Singh Mann entered the Takht Damdama Sahib in a drunken state on the occasion of Baisakhi, which was celebrated across the country on 14 April.

In January 2019, Bhagwant Mann vowed not to drink anymore. AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal called it a “great sacrifice for the people”. At the time, Mann, MP for Sangur, faced a lot of criticism for his drinking habits. Although the promise made by a leader was to be fulfilled, things allegedly did not turn in his favor.

Song “Apna Punjab Hove”.

The Punjabi song “Apna Punjab Hove, Ghar Di Sharab Hove” was originally sung by legendary singer Gurdas Mann. The song speaks to the essence of the houses and culture of Punjab. It talks about home-brewed whiskey and how the singer misses both house and booze, along with home-cooked food, friends, family and culture while he’s away.

Amusingly, AAP leader Manish Sisodia has been in the soup recently over allegations of irregularities and procedural lapses in the new liquor policy implemented by the Delhi government last year. You can read about it in detail here.

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