Following the spate of accidents on the newly-opened Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway following its partial opening ahead of the Dasara season, the traffic police have urged motorists to exercise caution.

Initially, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had fixed the Dasara season as the opening date for the entire 117-km expressway. However, due to various problems, he could not meet the deadline. Although several arrows are partially opened in stages.

A child was killed in an accident involving a private bus and six other vehicles near Channapatna recently.

Ramanagara SP K. Santosh Babu said, “We have advised motorists to exercise caution. Do not exceed the speed of 80 km/h; seat belts must be used; slow drivers should not use the right lane; follow the turning instructions or they will block oncoming traffic. It is not possible to move at every point on the expressway. The official said drivers who are wary of using the newly opened roundabouts should avoid using them.

There have been several instances of youths from Bengaluru risking their lives and that of others to cycle on roundabouts. “We stopped their vehicles and fined those who violated the rules,” the official said. Once the expressway is fully operational, two-wheelers and autorickshaws will be banned from using the expressway as it is dangerous.

Regular commuters have been demanding NHAI to speed up the work and make the entire road fully operational. “The quality of the expressway is good and we expect the entire road to open soon. However, without wide slip roads, we find it difficult to cross at various points and this leads to heavy traffic and noise especially near the toll gate at Kumbalgodu. The overall delay in its construction is making life difficult for passengers like us,” said Karthik, a passenger.

Meanwhile, commuters are saying that speed bumps should be installed near sharp curves. “After a long wait, passengers are getting good road infrastructure. Several detours have been opened. Recently, a video of a multi-vehicle accident and a photo of an overturned truck went viral on social media. People say that keeping in mind the safety of the drivers, there should be some barriers on several roads with a proper road marking system. NHAI should work on this to make the journey safe for the general public,” said Tushar Rao, another commuter.

The expressway recently hit the headlines in Ramanagaram district after several roads were flooded following heavy rains. NHAI has been accused of shoddy work. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said during his recent visit to Bengaluru that NHAI will take all remedial steps.

Earlier, NHAI had stated that the pending works would be completed by the end of the year. 117 km long expressway, 8 km long elevated corridor, nine major bridges, 42 minor bridges, four over-bridge railways and five bypasses contains z. The expressway is likely to be officially opened in February next year, sources said.

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