Last week we shared the films that the editors believe are absolutely and unquestionably perfect. BuzzFeed commentators rated the films they deem flawless. Here are 17 of the movies they think you should immediately put on your “to watch” list. Like now. Stop doing what you are doing and go watch these movies. Please.

The mailings may have been modified in length and / or clarity.


“For me personally, the film that I think is perfect is Palm Springs. The cinematography is so captivating, the characters are flawed but fascinating, the chemistry between the characters is natural and effortless, the dialogue is fun on multiple rewatches, and the soundtrack is so good. “


“I honestly think so Knives out fits this perfectly. During the entire film, there wasn’t a single line or scene wasted. “


“I just looked Mad Max: Fury Road for the first time and I must say that I was absolutely fascinated from start to finish. That film wasted none of its 120 minutes of running and every single frame was expertly crafted and engaging. “


Kill a Mockingbird. When I first saw it, I was mesmerized from the opening credits to the closing credits. I called my car ‘Scout’, I wanted to have a son named Jeremy and I would call him ‘Jem’, stuff like that. “


“For me it would be Amelia. It’s a visual treat, it’s so imaginative, it displays such a range of human emotions and experiences, and it has a glorious soundtrack. “


“For TV shows, breaking Bad. But for the movies, listen to me: Dunkirk. I’m not a big war movie guy, but that movie was just amazing. We saw it on literal film reels and it was beautiful. “


“I really believed it when I left the theater Close encounters of the third kind it was the best movie ever made. The special effects had never been seen before and it was a funny story. Eventually, I found some parts that I wish I could have been better or changed, but it took 36 views to get there. “


Those good guys! You know a movie is fantastic when it manages to fascinate viewers like me who don’t even like mafia-type movies. I think I’ve seen it at least 15 times. “


Titanic. The pacing and plot are amazing and they work together perfectly, the casting is top notch and they don’t even get me started on the James Horner score. The film runs for three hours, but it doesn’t feel like that, with the second part being pure adrenaline as you watch the people on board fight for their lives. It’s one of my favorite films of all time. “


Steel magnolias it’s a perfect movie.It’s funny, sad and very citable. Casting is great. It’s an underrated classic that never gets old. “


“I’ve thought about it for a while and I want to add my personal ‘flawless’ film: Warrior, with Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte and Joel Edgerton. I don’t think he’s done very well, but god I love him. It’s so nuanced and you can look at it multiple times and notice more and more clues and details about the characters’ past and family dynamics. I absolutely love that movie. “


“I can only add 12 angry men to the list? Truly an impeccable film “.


“In addition to the first two Godfather movie: There will be blood. Sure, you don’t like both of the main characters, which prevents me from being one of my favorites, but WOW, the story and some surprises and great acting … just wow. “


Jojo Rabbit needs a place on this list! “


Pride and Prejudice (2005) is mine … beautiful scenery, flawless soundtrack, the story of Jane Austen, Kiera Knightley and Matthew McFayden … yes, please. “


Marcel the conch with his shoes on. Touching, sweetly fun and perfect. “


And finally, it was on the first list but it’s worth repeating: “The only thing it could do The Princess Bride better is a slightly longer run time. You can’t get enough of this movie. “

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