We surveyed our 610 readers in the United States to determine which TV brand is the best. As you can guess from the title of this article, the two favorite brands were LG and Samsung, but the rivalry between them did not end exactly. The winner of our plebiscite was Samsung, and by a large margin – as many as 39.84% of our readers believe that Samsung produces the best TV sets. LG took second place with a result of 21.31%. Both Samsung and LG are responsible for some of the best TVs, including frameless OLED screens for maximum immersion, so it’s no wonder they scored so high in our exclusive survey.

Other brands join the fray as you move down the list. Sony came very close to beating LG with 19.67% and a third place finish. All three of these brands produce high-quality TVs for different budgets, although they are mostly seen as more expensive than the other three companies. Vizio is next with 11.80%, followed by Hisense with 3.93% and finally TCL with just 3.44%.

TCL is generally seen as a budget brand compared to Samsung, and you can now buy a huge 55-inch TV for just a few hundred dollars. However, judging by our survey, many TV buyers choose quality and brand recognition over savings when choosing a new TV.

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