Kitchen Devices Assessment: the Garlic Zoom

Rhik Samadder exams the Garlic Zoom. {Photograph}: Teri Pengilley/GuardianWant some chopped garlic? Roll this gizmo forwards and backwards furiously, then fish out the gunk along with your finger. Or simply use a knife.


The Garlic Zoom (£9.99,, a rollable chamber, housing revolving blades. Handbook propulsion minces garlic cloves or root ginger; chopped product will be collected within the chamber’s higher hemisphere. It goals to switch the garlic press or, er, a knife.


For once you need chopped garlic, however can’t be bothered to cut garlic. Or are petrified of garlic. Honest sufficient you probably have issues holding a knife, however not in the event you’re anxious about garlic fingers, or are extremely lazy. How are you going to prepare dinner the remainder of the meal? That is the simplest bit.


Roll it like a Tonka truck …
Roll it like a Tonka truck …{Photograph}: Teri Pengilley/Guardian

In response to the packaging, Garlic Zoom was created by “David A Holcombe, Well-known Inventor”. The phrases are self-undermining, however I just like the perspective. It’s what an eight-year-old would write on his pencil case. In actual fact, with large inexperienced wheels and mini blades that resemble ninja throwing stars, the Garlic Zoom does really feel a bit child-designed.

It’s not very environment friendly – two peeled cloves crammed inside feels crowded, and to get something like a uniform chop it’s a must to zoom the carriage forwards and backwards exhausting, like an solely little one furiously rolling a Tonka truck, or somebody attempting to erase a mistake. Which doesn’t really feel like cooking. It cuts tremendous – as in OK – however the pouring hatch is redundant: it’s a must to fish round with a finger to get the sticky stuff out. Ginger might fare higher, however there’ll nonetheless be fiddly blade-washing afterwards, so both approach your fingers are going to see some blue plasters.

Nonetheless, the actual downside isn’t that it doesn’t work; it’s that you just don’t want it. In use, the cogs mesh easily and the wheels have a delightful traction, because of their thick rubber trim. However that is garlic-chopping, not the Indy 500. Why are we speaking about wheel trim? I’m telling you now: Gordon Ramsay didn’t earn his chops mincing garlic in a Perspex gizmo that appears like a leprechaun’s stagecoach. For those who should spend some cash, go and purchase an excellent knife.

Redeeming options

Trying to get the garlic out …
Attempting to get the garlic out …{Photograph}: Teri Pengilley/Guardian

It claws a degree for the quirky, compact design, and the simple separation of elements for laundry. Nonetheless, it nonetheless creates an excessive amount of washing up for chopped garlic, and at a tenner, just isn’t significantly low cost.

Counter, drawer, again of the cabinet?

Again of the cabinet. Or an elf’s storage.


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