Grama One, a project that offers hundreds of government-owned citizen-centric services in rural Karnataka, has reached a milestone and completed one million transactions less than nine months after its launch. The popularity of the Bangalore One project in the city, launched years ago, has attracted the attention of various states, which are exploring the possibility of replicating the service model in rural areas, officials said.

The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore conducted a study on a project launched by Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommay on January 26 this year. Grama One offers nearly 800 services from 79 government departments, including Rural Development, Labor and Health, Insurance Billing and Aadhaar, Ayushman Bharat, Banking and related to electronic stamps. These services are provided through the web-based application ‘Seva Sindhu’ owned and operated by the Government of Karnataka and implemented by BLS International in Kalaburagi and Mysuru Divisions and CMS Computer in Belagavi and Bengaluru Divisions. “In more than eight months, we reached one million transactions on the evening of October 10,” Seva Sindhu Project Director Varaprasad Reddy BN told PTI on Monday. Reddy said there are administrative and technical challenges ahead of the “eight-month-old baby” and continuous efforts are being made to further improve service delivery. According to him, there are 7,218 Grama One centers, which are a source of income for an equal number of people, who have opened them and intend to open 2,000 more such centers in the near future.

“It will require an investment of approx 1.5 lakh, includes a small space, computer, printer, chair, desk and some essentials for running an office. Grama One has provided employment to many people, many of whom are women, transgender and differently-abled,” said Reddy. Scheduled to be launched on November 1, the next generation of Grama One will provide home delivery services to many senior citizens. , he said, will help patients and those who are busy with personal work and cannot go to the Grama One center to avail the service.

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