If the tweets and Facebook posts are good accommodation and the broker has less offers for flats in Bangalore, then the public view will appear. migration All happening in a country that is moving or looking to move to India’s main startup hub.

In the last few days, the number of people taking to social media to announce that they are moving to Bangalore has grown significantly – and the numbers have been so staggering that ‘Moving to Bangalore’ has become a trend. and Twitter is disabled in India.

With offices open and while some have even made it mandatory for staff to go back, there has generally been a lot of movement across the country, especially to the big cities. Bangalore stands out as all the startups that have raised funding over the past two years have finally been able to set up a physical workplace – a first for many, including companies founded after March 2020.

We can forget about it Bangalore considered as The most livable city among 111 cities In Union of Housing and Urban Affairs in India “Living Ease Index” report last year, although there was much debate about it in the Twitterverse.

Apart from the great weather, happening nightlife and even job opportunities, people are noting on social media that rental rates have skyrocketed last year following the long-running exodus of the influx to Bangalore.

Ravi Handa, the founder In Handa Ka Funa digital learning platform for CAT and MBA preparation acquired by last year AcademyOn Twitter, it said: “Tech Bros on Rs 50 lakh per annum (LPA) salary continue to present it as utopia because it’s too good for them” – but it may not be for everyone.

Others pointed out that Bangalore’s infrastructure is already crumbling, with the city running out of water every summer and traffic jams making commuting in the city a nightmare.

Of course, after some logical reasoning, the conversation turns to “Why is everyone talking about moving to Bangalore?”, “Don’t move to Bangalore” and hilarious memes (that’s what it’s all about, right?). ?).

with startups like Zoho The move from a big city to a rural Tamil Nadu state, and the trend of startups from and in Tier II and III cities over the last two years, has changed the perception of Bangalore as a startup hub, but a well-known product in a there is a good chance to meet the manager or the founder of the startup Third wave coffee roasters in Koramangala.

Not just in India, but globally, there is a growing group of companies that are hiring and working virtually wherever a person is located. For many industries, the pandemic has been a litmus test for “borderless” collaboration, and now that the “work-from-anywhere” model has proven its mettle, the cohort of companies may continue to grow.

Although Bangalore will live to fight another day of overpopulation, dilapidated infrastructure, high rents and massive influx of people.

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