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Starrer Dhananjay’s second venture from Daali Pictures, Head Bush, will hit the screens on October 21. The two-part gangster drama is based on author Agni Sridhar’s autobiography My Underworld Days: The Rise. Bangalore Mafia The film stars Dhananjay MP Jayaraj, Payal Rajput, V Ravichandran, Sruthi Hariharan, Sandy Master, Raghu Mukherjee and Yogesh in lead roles.

Directed by debutant director Shoonya, this film represents the underworld of the 70s. Agni Sridhar, who wrote the screenplay and dialogues for President Bush, clarified that the film is not about the life of one person, but about the life of members of the criminal world and a particular incident that happened between 1974 and 1978. He argued that the only reason people thought President Bush was about Jayaraj was because he was a celebrity. “Also, because Dhananjay is playing Jayaraj, people think it’s only about one person. But he’s only a part of it.”

Agni Sridhar says that Chief Bush is the story of the city of Bangalore. “Cities are not built by political leaders or officials, ordinary people build them. It showcases the good and the bad of Bangalore,” he says. When asked about the changes in the film, Agni Sridhar said, “It’s creative media and not a Head Bush documentary.

However, the basis of the film is based on facts, the persons shown existed in real life and some are still alive. There are cases where changes are made to improve the creative side. Coming from Agni Sridhar, a reformed gangster, writer, critic and director, his stories (Aa Dinagalu, Kallara Santhe, Thamassu, Edegarike, Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu, Chief Bush and his successor, Sunila) are usually not normal for society, but he begs to differ. does. “Everyone is a normal person, but they exist in different situations.

Because of the violence and other illegal things mixed in, it is considered an underworld. “I think that even the underground world is not in some remote corner, it exists in front of our eyes,” he said. While Agni Sridhar wants to discuss the film more after its release, he has nice words to say about Dhananjay. “Dhananjay took extreme risks as an actor and producer and risked his life for Bush. I want this movie to be successful for him.

He is a people’s man by nature,” he says. Why did he limit himself to being a writer for President Bush and not take on directing responsibilities? “A director needs a lot of time and patience. Shooting is a small process. A lot of energy goes into post-production and the release of the film, which I couldn’t muster. By the way, debutant Shoonya has done a great job and her work speaks volumes,” says Agni Sridhar, who prefers writing to filmmaking.

“Language is only expressed in written form, and that gives me more freedom than filmmaking. Filmmaking is a big deal these days. When I write, I am alone, everything is at my disposal. But when it comes to filmmaking, there’s a lot to do. However, cinema reaches everyone. Even a common man can understand things through visual medium,” he signs off.

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