Congested roads are a common sight in Bangalore, with traffic jams often stopping emergency services from reaching residents in time. Also, in an emergency, people tend to panic and not remember the emergency numbers they can call for help.

Bangalore has adopted a new initiative to facilitate this process and ensure that people do not miss out on urgent medical care. Several road junctions across the city now have scannable QR codes to facilitate faster access to health care.

Enable health services using a scanner

QR codes connect the individual to emergency numbers and direct them to the nearest emergency services. Bengaluru Traffic Police, civic body Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and Manipal Hospitals have taken this initiative and believe that it will be of great help during medical emergencies.

Deepak Venugopalan, Manipal’s regional chief operating officer, said the codes were put in place because people tend to forget emergency numbers in a panic.

While residents have welcomed the move, they are skeptical about the timely intervention in Bangalore’s traffic jams. Some residents say the move is very helpful in connecting them to services, but falls flat in terms of ensuring patient reach.

They argue that it would be more beneficial if the administration ensured that ambulance and emergency services reach people faster.

Collaborative Health Care Efforts

The initiative, which comes a week after World Heart Day, also comes with a guide that guides a person through essential first aid. Through the step-by-step application of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), by navigating people, residents are involved in assisting patients until emergency services arrive at the destination.

Despite the widespread use of the life-saving CPR technique, less than two percent of India’s population knows how to administer it effectively, the Indian Express quoted.

The latest adaptation of technology to healthcare and urban infrastructure is helping to provide emergency medical care to large groups of people.

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