H.Alifax has a rich history of independent cinema – everyone from your colleague who grew up here to former national graduate poet George Elliott Clarke can become poetic about the locally owned venue they favored for screenings, be it The Oxford or the fantastic called the Wormwood Monkey and Dog Cinema. (Clarke talks a lot about the transformative times spent watching movies on Gottingen Street in her bright memories of 2021.) These small non-corporate cinemas were a space to be carried through the power of film, something that seems even more valuable in this post-time moment. lockdown, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Fortunately for movie buffs across the city, then, that Carbon Arc, Halifax’s latest independent cinema, has announced its return to regular screenings in person, starting this weekend, October 14-15. With sporadic in-person presence during COVID’s early days, space fans have been waiting for news of what’s to come. Now we know: more films are coming, but first there are two Finnish feature film screenings Photo of girlSundance audience award-winning story of two best friends at the mercy of first love and the intense figure skater they meet along the way.

At the end of this month, Carbon Arc will celebrate Halloween with a screening of the classic vampire movie Nosferatu—A silent film from 1922 — with live music to accompany it.

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