If you’ve spotted more Indian movies in Northern Ontario cinemas, you’re not alone.

Thanks to the increased migration from South Asia to cities like Sudbury and Thunder Bay, there have also been more films in languages ​​like Hindi and Punjabi on the big screen.

Robert Cousins, Cineplex’s senior vice president of film, said the company began to really increase the number of Indian-language films it screens in Northern Ontario just before the pandemic.

“At Cineplex we’ve always seen that our cinemas should be representative of the communities they’re in, and our communities are now more than just Hollywood,” Cousins ​​said.

Cousins ​​said it’s the distributors who choose which markets will work best for their films. And it is the audience that determines how long a film will be shown in a particular market.

“In some places, a week is enough. In some cases, it’s two or three weeks because the audience is going out for that movie,” Cousins ​​said.

Said the Indian action movie KGF: Chapter 2 in particular, it was a big hit in Sudbury.

The 2021 census showed a sharp increase in people speaking South Asian languages ​​in Greater Sudbury.

The number of people speaking Punjabi as a first language, for example, increased by 340%, from 110 in 2016 to 485 in 2021.

Suketu Patel, a board member of Sudbury’s India Canada Association, said when he first arrived in Sudbury in 2008, it was more difficult to persuade Indian film distributors to bring their films to the city.

“Over the past three or four years, we’ve seen a number of Bollywood movies, new releases, coming to town and Cineplex is quite supportive in that nature,” he said.

Patel said there are many more Indian restaurants in the region today as well, to cater for changing tastes as more people from South Asia move to Northern Ontario for school and work.

Up north7:39Cineplex cinemas are adding more and more Indian films – much to the delight of Northern Ontario

If you’ve been taking a look at the show times at your local theater recently, you may have noticed an increasing number of Indian films on offer. Presenter Jonathan Pinto reached out to Robert Cousins, Senior VP of Film for Cineplex, to find out more.

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