Join the bibliophiles of Champaca on Sunday as Archana Pidathala’s latest book Why You Cook! He will have a conversation with him Revathi Upadhyaywriter who has worked on features around food, travel, women’s issues, health, lifestyle and lifestyle. Why cook brings together inspiring women—artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, and farmers—and explores why. the cook and how cooking and food anchor them in their life paths.

In the kitchens of Why Cook, you will explore who you are and questions about yourself, meet the guardians of seeds, soil and water, taste the forest and the sea, get rid of loneliness and sadness you will find ways to eat, enjoy a new smell. soil and forest smoke, and above all, appreciate everyday moments and meals.

The recipes celebrate the genius of home cooks and are shaped by tradition—by combining flavors in ways that have been made over and over for generations. With more than half of the recipes vegetarian and over eighty percent vegan, all dishes are guaranteed to bring cheer and warmth to your table.

The event will take place from 11:30.

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