The queen of Christmas is back. Candace Cameron Bure, who has been creating Christmas content for the Hallmark Channel since 2008, may have made a major move for Great American Family this year, but her blockbuster movies live on.

His first Hallmark Christmas film was 2008’s “Moonlight & Mistletoe”,stars opposite Christopher Wiehl and Tom Arnold. She loved him so much – and it came at the right time in his life – that she continued. “That was one of my first jobs after taking a 10-year hiatus and being a stay-at-home mom. And I was like, ‘Ok, let’s start auditioning again,’ “she said recently Variety. “It was great. It was fun. I enjoyed it and were three weeks away from family which was manageable and doable. And then I was asked to do another one and they did great. We all realized that because that channel was growing so fast and capturing this audience, they kept coming back. To this day, I still hold the highest-rated movie in Hallmark Channel history. So I am very grateful for that. As it expanded into Movies & Mysteries and other Christmas movies, I think about my fifth or sixth movie where I started executive producing them. “

Although he starred in more than two dozen films for the network, 10 of them revolved around Christmas. She also appeared briefly in “The Heart of Christmas,” a Christian drama released on the Gospel Music Channel in 2012, but she was not a main character.

“The channels that have really expanded their vacation programming have done a phenomenal job and have really captured an audience that wants sincere comfort and content and content that knows what to expect,” he said. Variety of the success of holiday TV movies. “I think the most important thing about Christmas movies in general is that people make fun of them, and yet people love them. It is because they are predictable. You know someone will fall in love, you know there will be a kiss in the end. You know it will only be happy, warm and sincere. And people run towards this, especially during the holidays. “

This year he will direct and produce “A Christmas … Present” on Great American Family, which airs November 27.

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