It seems that Nobody It may not be the last time we see Bob Odenkirk as an action star. Odenkirk, who starred in Nobody last year and just finished his most iconic role as criminal lawyer Saul Goodman Better to call Saul, has already planned the next phase of his career in his head. That is, as long as Hollywood grants him the desired career path.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Odenkirk admitted that he is interested in making more action films. Better yet, he still has a training regimen he has been following since filming at Universal Nobodyso he’d be fit enough to do another one.


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Odenkirk initially admitted that he accepted Nobody as far as the character reminds him of Saul. “I was very surprised by Nobody. I started that project because I had a feeling that the character I was developing into Better to call Saul he was the kind of character you see in an action movie. He has sincere desires and was willing to sacrifice himself, “Odenkirk said. He later added that he continues to do workouts that would justify making another action movie if ever asked.” I still train several times a week, and if I did it my way, you will see me do more action. I found the action sequences very funny and close to making comic sketches … I love the early Jackie Chan movies, which contained humor. I would like to have it in the future. “

It has already been confirmed None 2 is currently in production. Not only that, but everyone has been on board for the sequel to the film since the release of the first installment. The first film also left a lot of spots open that could definitely fuel a franchise there. Odenkirk has brought out the rather unorthodox action star since playing a man going through a midlife crisis after giving up a life as a hitman to start a family. There is a lot of material to look into where they might go next. Better yet, with Odenkirk bringing out the action hero as well as he did, combined with NobodyBack at the box office, there’s no reason not to hire him for other action movies.

Hollywood has to keep in mind that the one thing they can’t do if they hire Odenkirk for other action movies is repeat what Nobody has already done. Making the action star a middle-aged person will only be attractive for so long until it becomes repetitive, just like any other genre. Odenkirk has a charisma where he has shown not only that he can be an action star but also that he can be fun, so there is a way to integrate the film into multiple franchises.

Odenkirk has also shown in recent years that he is capable of theater after masterfully playing Saul Goodman in Better to call Saul. Again, Hollywood shouldn’t make him play a character similar to the one he played for 13 years, but they could make him play an action star with a Greek tragedy. Of course, it will all depend on whether Hollywood wants Odenkirk to play the action star more.

Nobody currently can be streamed on HBO Max.

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