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Y-Axis is a leading immigration consultancy in India with a distinguished history since 1999.

Immigration is a process of international movement that motivates a person to have the best opportunities for free education, work, special medical facilities and most importantly, a better life experience. Therefore, it has become a driving force for individuals who are looking forward to settling abroad.

Is it easy to move with the family? What are the requirements? How can this be? What is the first step for migration? With these unstoppable questions in your mind, migrating abroad can be difficult.

That is where Y-Axis, the best immigration firm in India, comes into play. We are a licensed and registered recruitment agent in India and other reputed countries.

About Y-Axis Immigration Consulting in Koramangala, Bangalore

Koramangala is a suburban area located in the south-eastern part of Bangalore, which is highly sought after with a mix of luxury apartments and commercial structures.

The third Y-Axis office is located in Koramangala, Bangalore. Brought from our first office in the city on the 11th floor of Prestige Meridan to our fourth office in Whitefield in 2000, Y-Axis has established itself among the top immigration consultants in Bangalore. For the past 20 years, we have partnered with Bangalore and have helped many people realize their dreams abroad.

As one of the best visa agents in Bangalore, we help Bangaloreans to move, work, invest, visit and study abroad. Y-Axis offers comprehensive solutions for all your visa and immigration requirements.

Key Services provided by Y-Axis Koramangala

Since its founding in 1999, Y-Axis has been dedicated to helping people achieve their global ambitions. Incorporating modern technology with the most efficient workforce, we are among the top 10 immigration consultants in Bangalore.

Y-Axis helps move to many countries including Singapore, Austria, Hong Kong, UK, Germany, USA, Canada and Australia. The most frequently asked queries from Bangaloreans on any given day are specifically related to Canadian immigration to Bangalore.

As one of the reputed visa consultants in Bangalore, we provide unbiased immigration consultancy with a fully transparent process. With our strict Anti-Fraud policy and fast process, your money and time are valued on the Y-Axis.

Sample services of Y-Axis Koramangala, Bangalore include:

Many clients of Y-Axis have used our immigration services for successful migration from India to abroad. Working with Y-Axis, you will also work with immigration professionals who are happy to help, advise and guide you.

Our services include:

  • Checking your Canadian immigration eligibility is the most important step. You can immediately use the Y-Axis Canada Immigration Score Calculator to check your scores and eligibility.
  • Make a positive impact on your score with Y-Axis Language Coaching, which provides world-class coaching to help you score higher on your language test.
  • Free eligibility check via Canada Points Calculator expert career advice.
  • Expert advice/consultation on Canadian immigration

Reasons to immigrate to Canada

While moving to another country may seem exciting and new, it involves a lot of different things, as you need to make sure that the specifics match your requirements. Some factors like peace, security, health facilities and lifestyle are the main determinants. With all these factors in place, Canada is a top priority destination for immigration.

Canada is also the second largest country in the world that welcomes foreign nationals in a variety of ways.

Most people choose Canadian immigration for the following interesting reasons:

  • Easy way to citizenship
  • Universal health facilities
  • High quality standards in education
  • Developing career opportunities
  • An abundance of nature and wildlife

Canada Immigration Plan 2022-2023

The internationally recognized immigration-friendly country has announced plans for new immigration levels for 2022-2024. This immigration plan aims to invite 1.33 million immigrants by the end of 2024. In addition, IRCC plans to invite 1.33 million immigrants by the end of 2020. 100 million dollars helping newcomers settle.

The Great White North will receive almost 4,32,000 new immigrants by 2022.

Below are the immigration proposals for the next three years:


Immigration rate plan


431,645 permanent residents

2023 year

447,055 permanent residents

2024 year

451,000 permanent residents

An aging population and a low birth rate are the reasons behind the increased goal of inviting 4,32,000 new immigrants by the end of 2022. Canada welcomes more candidates to help boost its workforce, economic growth and population. In addition, it aims to provide humanitarian aid, reunify families and strengthen the Francophone heritage.

Y-Axis remains true to its promise of being the #1 Visa Consultant in Bangalore. We take the time to prioritize your requirements and preferences to create a successful path to achieving your global aspirations.

Y-Axis flagship services

Y-Axis provides many services and they are listed below:

  • PR visas: Canada, Australia
  • Migration: Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, USA, Hong Kong, Austria, Quebec, Singapore, Denmark and Austria
  • Study in: Canada, Australia, France, UK, Germany, USA, Europe, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and Luxembourg
  • Work: Canada, Canada – PNP, FSTP, Australia, Australian Skilled Migration, Australian Graduate Work Visa, TSS, UK Tier 2, US H-1B, Hong Kong, QMAS, South Africa and Ireland
  • Dependent Visas: Canada, Canada Parent Migration, Australia, Australia Parent Migration, UK, USA and Belgium

The Y-axis is a free consultation

If you are planning to move abroad, you can get a free consultation with Y-Axis, a leading immigration consultant..

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