Nearly 20 years and 10 installments later, Naruto’s first film, Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, is still the best feature film in the franchise.

More than 18 years later, Naruto the Movie: Clash of Ninjas in Snow Town (2004) it’s still Narutothe best movie. Since only two Naruto movies are considered canon, The last one: Naruto The film And Boruto: Naruto the filmit is better to analyze the Naruto films as their own rather than an extension of the main story. At a time when anime series like My academic hero And Jujutsu Kaisen continue their main story through canon theatrical films, non-canon films such as Clash of ninjas in the snow country can be seen as not that important. However, as an autonomous, the former Naruto the movie still holds up.


There are 11 of them Naruto film considering the original Naruto series, Naruto ShippudenAnd Boruto. Of that total, most were released directly to home video. Naruto returned to the big screen relatively recently with The last onewhich made sense considering the movie was supposed to come to a close Naruto Shippuden and set the Boruto franchise. Likewise, Boruto: Naruto the film received a theatrical release that helped promote the upcoming Boruto series. That said, Clash of ninjas in the snow country, NarutoThe first film by , was released in theaters.

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Maybe the fact that it was Naruto‘s first led film Clash of ninjas in the snow country to have a different, more special feeling than following Naruto movie. Naruto The first part was still airing when Ninja Clash in the snow country era released, which means that the public was not used to seeing a Naruto adventure with widescreen aspect ratio and great pace. A two-hour theatrical film tends to have a much higher budget than a full season of a weekly anime, which is why 2004 Clash of ninjas in the snow country it looks much better than what viewers were used to. In addition to its visual qualities, Clash of ninjas in the snow country it’s a solid story with great moments from Naruto and Team 7.

Why not Naruto The film surpassed Ninja Clash In The Land of Snow

Naruto and the princess in Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

As compared to Clash of ninjas in the snow countrylot of Naruto And Naruto Shippuden the movies feel more like OVAs than cinematic experiences. While every Naruto movie except The last one And Boruto: Naruto the film it is technically Naruto filler, Clash of ninjas in the snow country takes itself seriously enough to offer a cinematic feel that would only be matched by The last one. Unlike many Naruto movie, Clash of ninjas in the snow country it doesn’t feel like a four-episode arc edited like a movie. Instead, a coherent three-act journey follows in which NarutoThe indestructible spirit of inspires the princess to save the day.

Every Naruto or Naruto Shippuden the film takes the audience on an adventure that is completely different from the previous one. That said, Clash of ninjas in the snow country it’s still the best film the franchise has offered. A strong contender for that title was The last one: Naruto the filmbut the film had the difficult mission of being both a new story and a Naruto Shippuden epilogue. Due to its effective simplicity, Naruto the Movie: Clash of Ninjas in Snow Town will likely always be well remembered by the public.

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