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BENGALURU: Tension flared on the Bangalore University campus even as students postponed their protests under ministerial assurances. According to sources in the university, a meeting will be held on Friday to discuss the issue of compensation to Shilpa Sri’s family after her death on October 23. Shilpa, a BU student, was run over by a BMTC bus and fought on the campus on October 10. for almost two weeks before succumbing to his injuries.

After the accident, student protests were quelled by Housing Minister V Somanna and Cooperation Minister ST Somashekar. They assured that a meeting will be held to discuss the compensation to be paid to Shilpa’s family as well as the security measures to be taken in the campus.

However, the meeting was not held and in the wake of Shilpa’s death, the students threatened to stage a protest on Thursday if the meeting was not held immediately. An informal meeting was held on Thursday with university officials and students, who said they would postpone the protest if a meeting was held on Friday.

However, students are not sure if the ministers will keep their promises. “We were told that an official meeting will be held on Friday. If a meeting is held, we hope to consider compensation from the state to Shilpa’s family. Otherwise, we will continue our protest,” said Lokesh Ram, vice-president of the BU Postgraduate and Research Association.

Meanwhile, BU Vice-Chancellor Dr SM Jayakar along with several syndicate members met Shilpa’s family in Bangarpet on Wednesday and expressed their condolences. The university paid a compensation of Rs 5 crore. BMTC has borne the medical expenses for Shilpa and paid an advance payment of Rs 20 lakh.

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