Bangalore traffic police are known for their rules and fines imposed on violators. Residents often conduct random checks on vehicles and riders, figuring out how to find officers at every nook and cranny. However, it is rare for officers to subject other officers to the same level of misconduct.

Changing that narrative, Bengaluru’s RT Nagar traffic police posted a tweet in which a policeman can be seen being booked by another policeman for wearing a half-helmet, which is banned on city roads.

The tweet drew mixed reactions and saw several netizens using the posted image to dig deeper to find the car’s previous violations, pollution certificates, etc.

Helmets are for avoiding penalties rather than protection

A photo doing the rounds on social media shows a policeman wearing the banned helmet while traveling around Bangalore’s RT Nagar area. By tweeting the photo with the caption, “Good evening. Half-helmet case filed against police,” the police managed to draw attention to the country’s existing helmet laws.

The Bangalore city police has said many times that half helmets or helmets that are not ISI certified are considered “helmetless” in the city. The country’s helmet laws also state that half-helmets are not allowed because they do not provide “optimal head protection.”

Tata AIG’s article highlights the specifications of full face helmets under Section 129(a), which the government mandates for all helmet manufacturers in India to comply with the Indian Standards (BIS) and 2021 requirements. gave instructions on their production. Helmet rule in India.

There have been numerous reported incidents in the past of riders wearing half helmets being stopped and being taught the need for a full head helmet. However, the message was received by very few people.

A number of media reports quoted a senior police official as saying, “People often blame poor road conditions for accidents. Although road maintenance is not under our control, if we wear full-face helmets If we start, we can avoid serious injuries.”

Netizens’ reactions

The post received more than 900 likes and 60 retweets, with several people thanking the police officer for taking action against their colleague. Users who applauded the move commented that more officers should follow his example and make impartial decisions because “everyone is equal before the law”. Others have argued that similar violations were committed by officers and politicians who were ostracized because of their position.

At the same time, most of the comment section was occupied by netizens complaining about many other violations by the police officer seen in the picture. Citing no pollution control certificate, defective number plate, missing mirror, use of earphones and two previous violations that did not attract a fine, users commented that the policeman should pay a fine of ₹3,500 or more. .

A few shed some light on how most police officers are provided with half helmets. The user who contacted the department commented that “Giving half helmets to police officers is also a violation of traffic rules.”

They also pointed out the commonality of such violations in and around RT Nagar, conveying that motorists are putting their lives at risk every day by moving with violators who roam freely on the roads.

A user who brought this factor to their attention said: “We certainly like to appreciate your efforts, but we don’t want to because there are over 100 people who ride with half helmets and I don’t know any of them. I don’t see it. It certainly seems to us that your actions are just advertising.”

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