Bangalore: Aster Hospitals recently held a conference on ‘Safe Injection Practices’ in Bangalore. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Nitish Shetty (Regional CEO, Aster Hospitals) and presided over by Dr. Rohini Paul (Head of Nursing, Bangalore Cluster for Aster Hospitals) and was preceded by Dr. Gajendra Singh SR, Principal, RV College of Nursing. . The conference was attended by more than 750 members of the Nursing Society working in various hospitals and colleges in Bangalore.

Unsafe injection practices put patients and healthcare workers at risk of contracting diseases such as HIV and blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B and C viruses. The workshop aims to raise awareness among patients and healthcare providers about safe injection practices, which are critical to the overall safety of healthcare delivery.

Speaking at the workshop, Dr. Rohini Paul, Head of Nursing, Aster Hospitals, Bangalore Cluster, said, “The aim of the conference is to ensure that patients are protected every time they receive an injection. Targeted education and through awareness efforts, the campaign empowered healthcare workers to demand nothing more than safe injections for every patient, every time. and is designed to teach safe disposal of needles. More than 750 nurses working in various hospitals have been trained in safe administration of injections through this workshop. Certificates were awarded to all participants.”

On the same occasion, Aster RV Hospital introduced a logo to provide a sense of identity and empowerment to the nursing community. The logo represents the nursing community’s selfless service to humanity. Together, the “arms” show commitment and dedication to the profession and to patients. “Heart” represents compassion, under the “hood” is the symbol of a nurse.

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