American Airlines announced one of its flashiest long-haul routes just weeks before the pandemic hit, and now, nearly three years later, the service may never materialize.

The 8,078-mile flight, which was supposed to connect Seattle to Bangalore, India, was originally scheduled to begin in October 2020.

The coronavirus brought the global aviation market to a halt just weeks after the airline’s much-hyped route announcement, and American never moved forward with launching the Bangalore route. Instead, he delayed the inauguration for months.

Aviation observers wondered whether the Americans would be able to complete the route, and as time went on, the odds of it happening were diminishing.


It is understood that the Fort Worth-based carrier has removed the Bangalore service from all future schedules as part of its latest network upgrade. This means that you will not be able to purchase tickets for the American service to Bangalore at this time, and anyone with existing reservations will be offered a reseat or refund.

When asked if American would move forward with launching the Bangalore service, a spokesperson for the carrier said, “We have pulled SEA-BLR to open this weekend because we still hope to fly it in the future.” There is no timeline as to when American might start flying to Bangalore.

This new India route was to be supported by Alaska Airlines with America’s West Coast International Alliance.

As part of the deal, American will add new long-haul routes from Seattle, while Alaska will provide domestic connectivity to increase feed.

American has moved ahead with launching a new nonstop service from Seattle to London in March 2021, but the Indian route has been different.

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It is mainly aimed at business travelers, some of whom have not returned to pre-pandemic levels of international travel.


Additionally, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the closure of its airspace, nonstop service to Seattle may no longer be commercially viable.

Interestingly, the Bangalore route was supposed to mark American’s first foray into India since 2012, but the carrier partnered with JetBlue Airways to add a new route from New York to Delhi, which was launched in November 2021 and has been flying daily ever since. basis.

Although American’s Bangalore ambitions seem to be waning, rival United Airlines still plans to fly to the Indian city in the near future.

The Chicago-based carrier has announced that it will launch flights from its San Francisco hub to Bangalore in September 2020. This route has also experienced several delays, and United is currently scheduled to begin service on March 24, 2023.

Whether that will happen is anyone’s guess, but it is certain that United will now follow the Americans and ditch the Bangalore plans.

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