Paramount + promotes itself as the home of Star Trek television, advertising “every series, every episode,” but the same can’t be said when it comes to the Star Trek movies that come and go with regularity. And this month saw the biggest exodus in over a year.

Paramount + hosts a couple of Star Trek movies

Last November, the Paramount + streaming service in the United States had finally become the home of all thirteen Star Trek feature films. But over the past year, movies came and went from the service, sometimes appeared on other streaming services, and sometimes not. By September of this year, everyone except Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan And Star Trek Beyond they were still available. However, today the service is reduced to only two: 2009 Star Trek film and 2013 Star trek Into Darkness.

Today, ten Star Trek movie titles have been removed, which included both the theatrical version and the new Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Movie. As of now, none of the six TOS-era films or the four TNG-era films are available to stream in the US. And to make matters worse, Galaxy Quest, the loving homage and parody of 1999’s Star Trek, also came out on Paramount + this weekend. (Galaxy Quest is available to stream on Peacock)

The Star Trek movie exodus for October 2022

This removal appears to be specific to Paramount Plus in the United States. The number of Star Trek movies available in each market varies, but there are no indications of similar large releases for the various international releases of Paramount Plus. For example, in the UK the service launched earlier this year with the first 11 films, all still available today.

Paramount + is part of Paramount Global, which is the sole owner of the Star Trek franchise in both film and television, and which includes the distribution rights. Although Paramount + USA didn’t provide any details on the removal, the films that come and go are typically tied to cut licensing deals with other services, often years ago. Of the eleven Trek films not only on Paramount + Star Trek Beyond is currently available for streaming in the US (on AMC +). The remaining films could be shown on AMC or another service and will likely return to Paramount + at some point as well. For example, last year all of the TOS and TNG movies came out of Paramount + for AMC only to return a few months later.

This type of license is common; however, other media companies have been able to take more complete control over their franchises by recovering these deals. Disney pulled out of the streaming licensing deals for its Marvel and Star Wars movies, which have consistently been a part of their Disney + service since it launched in 2019. And earlier this year, Disney even brought them all. Marvel original Netflix shows such as Reckless And Luca Cage.

Each series. Every episode … And sometimes the movies.

Paramount Global has made prioritizing its streaming service a corporate policy in recent years, which has reduced the company’s third-party licensing revenue, a strategy witnessed by the Star Trek TV shows. With the release of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Netflix in July of this year, Paramount + became the exclusive U.S. streaming home of all legacy Star Trek television series after letting long-standing licenses with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon expire. And, of course, Paramount + is home to five Star Trek-exclusive original television series.

This promotional video released in July advertises Paramount + as the exclusive home of “Every Series. Every Episode”. of Star Trek.

It is unclear if or when Paramount + will be able to make feature films part of its talk as the (coherent) home of “every” Star Trek.

They can’t take your records away

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