A man from Bangalore found a samosa with the filling name on it, see photos

The name of the stuffing punched into a samosa. Twitter

As technology advances day by day, people are finding more and more innovative ways to make themselves comfortable. When we come across several such things in our daily life, we love to share them with others through social media. Recently, a man from Bangalore came up with an example that you cannot imagine. A person named Shobhit Bakliwal uploaded a photo of several samosas on his Twitter page. Interestingly, the fill-based categories are printed on the shell. “A real food ‘tech’ innovation in Bangalore,” he wrote in his Twitter post.

The photo shows two samosas served in a box. One of them has “aloo” (potato) written on the edge of the skin, and “noodle” is engraved on the other. According to the comment section, Bakliwal ordered a samosa from the Samosa party, where the shop manager thanked him for sharing it. As a reason for this, they explained: “This solves an important customer problem sustainably by allowing fillings to be identified in case of different orders, without damaging the Samosa.”

The post has so far garnered over 2,500 likes on Twitter since it was shared. Users found the idea so innovative that they praised the store for introducing it.

A man recounted a similar incident he encountered in Hyderabad. However, in that case, the seller’s name is written on the samosa. He described it as “simple but effective marketing”.

Another user noted: β€œThis is awesome. When Technology Meets the Foodie.”

One person recalled: “I remember seeing this in Bangalore before the pandemic.”

One user said: “It immediately reminded me of a vendor in my hometown who used ketchup on samosas for the same purpose.”

Here are some more reactions:

Earlier, another customer of the Samosa Party brand shared a photo of the samosa with its serial numbers. The man humorously wrote in the caption: “Can technology please stay away from my halva?”

In this scenario, the brand also responded: “After the technology entered Sonars, we had Holway FOMO.” Amit Nanwani, co-founder of the brand, later admitted that the codes on the bottom of the samosa helped customers choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

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