This live-action adaptation of Resident Evil The franchise is set in a new universe and takes place in two different moments: 2022 and 2036. The present delves into the lives of twins Billie and Jade, who move into the Umbrella Corporation’s planned residential community, New Raccoon City. This setting allows them to stumble upon the company’s dark secrets while their father, Dr. Albert Wesker, works to contain the outbreak of a biological weapon called the T-virus. Fast forward to 2036, the virus is rampant, reducing the infected into brainless cannibals. Amidst the desolation, Jade struggles to cope with the tragedy that happened to her sister 14 years ago and her father’s involvement with her evil company that is now hunting her.

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Comicstaan Season 3 (July 15)


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The popular comedy contest returns for a third outing with new judges, mentors and contestants. Presented by Abish Mathew and Kusha Kapila, this season is billed to be bigger and better than its predecessors as the eight contestants all come out on fire and compete for the coveted trophy. Zakir Khan, Sumukhi Suresh, Neeti Palta and Kenny Sebastian are on the jury while Rahul Subramanian, Sapan Verma, Rohan Joshi, Prashasti Singh, Kannan Gill, Aadar Malik and Anu Menon fill the mentors’ boots.

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