Bahubali 1 and 2

The magician behind the greatness of Bahubali 1 and 2, Saby Cyril, was commissioned to create an Indian empire with no resemblance to any previous kingdom. Set nearly 300-500 years ago, the Devasena kingdom, surrounding villages and water bodies spread across 3-5 acres of land were created as models by the art department and concept artists, followed by extensions added by the VFX team, including the ‘adding the appropriate texture, lighting and detail.

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Gangubai Kathiawadi (2022)

The latest flagship of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cap, Gangubai Kathiawadi, recreated the Mumbai of the 1950s and 1960s in the most dynamic way. The most significant part of the film is set in the red light district of Kamathipura in southern Mumbai, which includes elements of Art Deco, wooden structures, murals and paintings. SLB relied heavily on his childhood memories of Bombay to recreate this architectural masterpiece, from the brothel to cafes, shops, cinemas and mosques.

Padmavat (2018)

The heartbreaking story was animated by Sanjay Leela Bhansali in collaboration with production designers Subrata Chakraborty and Amit Ray. The 17th century story of valor and sacrifice was represented in three important places: the palace of Allaudin Khilji, the Chittor Palace and the battlefield. Each place had its own character, drawing inspiration from Persian architecture in terms of the frescoes and carvings in Khilji’s mansion as opposed to the Chittor Palace’s acute representation of Rajasthani architecture, including the beautiful windows that protrude from Havelis and the carvings in the stone.

Sawariya (2007)

The architectural environment of Sawariya it was exquisite. Art director Omung Kumar created the fantasy world with a blue theme. The romantic city with lakes, streets, shops, and ancient clock towers was a sight to behold and also included elements such as carved stone pillars, domes, arches, and soft lighting. This fairytale scenario carried on the creator’s unique imagination and enhanced the storyline and performance.

Guzarizzo (2010)

The sets, costumes and music of Guzarizzo they were the backbone of the unusual story of a former quadriplegic wizard. The film sets were real but did not dominate the on-screen presence of the characters. The design of wizard Ethan’s house with vintage items and antiques enhanced his background and resonated well with the audience. One of the most iconic segments of the film, depicted in the song “udi teri aankhon se”, is set in a cafĂ© with soft lighting and artistic paintings against the backdrop of a detailed idol.

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