that of Andrew Dominick blonde made headlines for its polarizing reviews, with many bruises about how the biopic takes advantage of the life story of Marilyn Monroe. He suggests that the film has grossly calculated what audiences want from this type of film and, sadly, it wouldn’t be the first long-awaited film to do so.

Following the mixed critical reception of blonde, many movie fans on Reddit have started discussing what other movies have completely misunderstood their target audience. Whether it’s because they’re too immature or too complicated, there are many reasons why a film might not resonate with its intended audience.


The Black Tower (2017)

by Stephen King The Black Tower is one of the author’s most popular and prolific books to date, so there has been a lot of pressure on the film adaptation to live up to the expectations of several fans. Unfortunately, the film adopted a completely different tone from the book and changed much of the plot.

Reddit user mystery-sense-185 states, “They slaughtered a great book … I honestly don’t know who they were trying to appeal to.” Adapting Stephen King’s works to the big screen is never easy, but The Black Tower it is undeniably one of the least accurate translations to date.

Morbio (2022)

Morbio fell victim to several reactions to memes after its release earlier this year, quickly becoming one of the most talked about films of that time. Unfortunately, the studio executives misinterpreted this online chatter as real fandom, releasing the film in theaters again.

Redditor jhawkinc suggests a compelling reason for MorbioCommercial Failure: “Sony underestimates how important Spider-Man is … the audience for characters like Morbius is a Spider-Man fan.” Maybe if Sony had been more precise with the marketing strategy and the inclusion of the characters, Morbio it could have been a greater success.

Jurassic World (2015)

Although most audiences will agree that it is Spielberg’s original Jurassic Park it’s a great movie with countless strengths, there’s something about the recent sequels that many fans find simply embarrassing and forced. The original is a close-knit family thriller about a contained disaster, while the sequels just try to make it more complicated.

“They probably could have made a standalone movie about once every ten years or so and let me bank every time,” admits Reddit user opri08101989. But this awkward release strategy has simply “burned out” any chance Jurassic world leaving any cultural impact, especially since the latest sequel was barely about dinosaurs at the forefront of history.

Batman and Robin (1997)

Many comic book fans will agree Batman and Robin it is potentially the worst Batman film ever made, not only for its technical incompetence but also for its total inability to understand the character of Bruce Wayne.

Reddit user drummerguy06 suggests that the film was made “thinking the success of Batman forever“was the justification for a more campy, lighthearted approach to the character. This is completely different from the sombre character in the comics, the main reason why so many Batman fans hated the film.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

The announcement that the Harry Potter the universe would return to the big screen in 2016 filled millions of fans with hope, but Fantastic beasts it was unlike anything they expected. By focusing more on the complicated backstory of its less interesting characters, the film sacrificed so many opportunities for greatness.

Fantastic beasts it was the first film in the franchise that most fans can agree that it was just plain uninteresting. There are moments of distinctive magic, but this is never the film’s priority. “They are too adult for children, but too boring for adults Harry Potter fan, “speculates Redditor leavefornoraisin.

The Last Airbender (2010)

While it’s true that filmmakers should be given some creative interpretation when making adaptations of existing works, it simply didn’t make sense for M. Night Shyamalan to deviate so drastically from the source material with its highly polarizing The ultimate airbender.

Beast-friend Reddit user doesn’t think “Shyamalan also watched 5 minutes of Avatar before shooting the film. “The film was obviously marketed to fans of the show, but the final project was almost unrecognizable from this fictional universe.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

The long awaited Kingdom of the Crystal Skull it was supposed to be a massive cinematic event, bringing back to life an iconic character who had spearheaded some of the most popular films of the 1980s. Instead, the film completely destroys any respectability by including some truly inexplicable storylines that just don’t make sense.

“If the movie had been more disturbing, grounded and suspenseful,” suggests Reddit user maxpaladin, “it could have been fine.” But instead of honoring the legacy of the three original films, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull became one of the worst movie sequels of all time.

Auto 2 (2011)

Pixar has very few films to its credit that could be accurately described as disappointments, but Car 2 it’s definitely one of those few. It’s a complete diversion from both the tone and content of the original film, presenting a story that interests very few children.

Reddit user larsdragerl claims that most of the younger audience has been “turned off” by Car 2 simply because of the unnecessary complexity and stylistic change of the narrative. It lacks the fun simplicity of the original installment, which is what most fans expected.

Prometheus (2012)

The engineers in Prometheus

The Alien the franchise has seen several disappointing sequels, but Prometheus is probably the most daring and unpredictable of all. While there are still those who like the movie, there’s no denying that it’s completely different from the rest of the franchise.

There are those who will discuss it Prometheus it’s not as bad as most fans think, but for those like Reddit user doesntfearzeus, the movie was “so disappointing”. Perhaps the film will develop a stronger reputation once the initial disappointment fades, but for now it’s one of the weakest voices in the world. Alien franchising.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

There are countless problems with the recent additions to the Star Wars saga, but most fans will agree The rise of Skywalker is the most deserving of the hate that is often thrown towards the sequel trilogy. Many audiences disagree with the way this The rise of Skywalker apparently spoils the message of the original trilogy.

“They ruined Anakin’s story,” believes Redditor kingcheeta7, possibly referring to the short vocal cameo in which Vader claims he managed to bring balance to strength. It’s just one of the little details that annoy fans of the sequel trilogy, of which there are many, sadly.

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