With recent period pieces such as The Nordic, The CourierAnd The last duel Receiving praise for their historical accuracy, other worthy films are worth a look. Some of the biggest films have focused on covering historical events or eras. While many pieces of the era take liberties with their “facts”, there are many directors who wanted an authentic and accurate representation of the material that was covered.

War, political events, economic falls and murders have all been treated with attention to historical accuracy, in fact, films such as Zodiac, Apollo 13And Save Private Ryan they received critical acclaim for the research involved in the production.


11/11 The big short (2015)

Depicting the economic recession between 2007 and 2009, The great short has more storylines about characters like Christian Bale’s hedge fund manager Michael Burry, executive Jared Vennett, and investors Charlie Geller and Jamie Shipley. The film follows them as they noticed the coming collapse of the US housing market.

As Reddit user GOATrieIrving points out, the characters “discovered” the bubble and predicted it was about to burst, “just as some did during the recession. On the downturn in the economy. Although initially ignored, these men they get extremely rich when it happens. However, at a cost … wealth brings a sense of guilt as so many families in the US have lost everything. Although the film is praised, many financial experts see it as a warning, as it could happen again.

10/11 Zodiac (2007)

As Reddit user matholomus notes, “Zodiac is careful enough to be historically accurate.” In many thrillers and horror based on real events, directors take liberties with dramatization, however, Zodiac he was different.

While details like the clues that led to the killer speculation may have been slightly embellished, David Fincher, the director, made the mission Zodiac as precise as possible. The director spent months interviewing family members, witnesses, retired and current investigators, and even eyewitnesses of the suspects. Fincher felt that making a film that condemned someone posthumously deserved proper attention and respect for the victims and witnesses involved. However, to this day, the Zodiac killer remains a fugitive.

8/11 Apollo 13 (1995)

Apollo 13, played by Tom Hanks is regularly praised for his scientific accuracy. As Reddit user drzowie of the wet and cold interior of the Apollo lunar module notes, “the walls and CM instrument panel would be distinctly cold compared to the warm, humid air breathed in by the astronauts.”

The docudrama, which was nominated for nine Academy Awards, received extensive support from the crew aboard the actual Apollo 13 mission and resources from NASA to augment the film’s authenticity. Director Ron Howard based the events of the film on Commander Jim Lovell’s book, Lost Moon: The perilous journey of Apollo 13. The storytelling wasn’t the only accurate part of the film, the sets were modeled to replicate the interior, and the main actors (Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton) filmed their scenes in zero gravity when needed.

7/11 United 93 (2006)

The film depicted the fateful flight that took place on September 11, 2001. As Reddit user mickeyflinn puts it, United 93 “did a great job of illustrating the events that happened that day.” as accurately as possible given the conditions.

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Although some liberties had to be taken for the film, it featured real, brutal and heartbreaking moments. The film was historically accurate thanks to flight logs, phone calls made by passengers, and ultimately, flight records. These flight records confirmed that after the hijacking, the passengers decided to take matters into their own hands and fought the hijackers. This was the only plane that did not reach the hijackers’ target, instead, it crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. There were no survivors.

6/11 Black Hawk Down (2001)

The war movie of 2001, Black Hawk down, it’s a pretty excellent war movie. As this Reddit user puts it “In my opinion the best modern war movie of all time”. While it might be a good take, the film did its job of bringing the conflict to the big screen.

While the initial reporting via news articles paints a much more graphic scene than shown Black Hawk down, several areas of the film are considered extremely accurate. The daily life of these operators is dirty, long and turbulent. Black Hawk down it shows the weaknesses and strengths of men and how it ultimately affects the mission. For example, the team forgets to take NODs (night vision devices) at some point. Another accurate representation was the inexperience of some members, their youth and lack of combat experience made them a hindrance at some crossings. On the other hand, it shows how elite some of these fighters were, the hours of training, sweat and discipline all pay off as they perform their duties with excellence.

5/11 Master & Commander: The Far Side Of The World (2003)

The film stars Russell Crowe as Captain Jack Aubrey and follows the Captain during the Napoleonic Wars. Although the novels on which the film is based may be fictional, the reference material such as ships, artifacts and rigs were extremely accurate for the period. As Reddit user Dumannios_Raven notes, “This film is incredibly accurate from a material culture point of view.”

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The research that went into this film is remarkable, several historians and archaeologists have been called in to consult the materials and practices for the film. Sleeping caps, watch caps, shoes, swords, and even ship furniture are all accurate for the era. In fact, even some medicinal practices and sailing techniques are made with respect to the time. Very few movies pay the level of attention that Master and Commander it did, and with success, as the film grossed over $ 211 million at the box office (for what is considered a “passion project”).

4/11 Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Considered to be one of the greatest war films ever made, Save Private Ryan was inspired by the events of the Normandy landings. The film followed real-life events, however, it added dramatized elements for the sake of the film. Although some military equipment and techniques were inaccurate, the theme struck very close to many veterans on the coasts. War describes the brutality of death and Save Private Ryan visualize that meaning. As a Reddit user, JJDOGG22 states, “Part of the theme of the film is that the war was senseless.”

The plot ultimately revolves around a group tasked with bringing a soldier home, however, it’s the horrifying journey up to that point that makes Save Private Ryan one of the most accurate films ever made. The point of view of each troop on the coast humanizes these men, as many war films had shown the point of view of generals moving their troops at a distance. The random violence, blood and destruction of World War II hardly had any effect on the troops as they were in shock. What is considered a gruesome atrocity was just a side note at the time of the Normandy landings.

3/11 Alessandro (2004)

Although the film took some liberties in its timeline, it featured some historical moments as they happened in reality. Alexander it is one of Colin Farell’s highest-grossing films, and although the theatrical release received negative reviews, the director’s cut enriched the story much better and is worth watching. As Reddit user drogyn1701 notes, the film is “accurate enough for what we know.” The film follows Alexander’s complex personality, as noted in historical writings, and focuses on his vision of uniting the Eastern and Western worlds. The philosophy behind his motives was quite accurate, as Alexander was in love with Greek culture and his ambition to spread and conquer was shown throughout the film.

There is criticism of the film from some historians as some key battles and sieges have been left out, however, small details have been left to fill in some dramatized parts. For example, it was likely that Ptolemy, one of Alexander’s generals, had kept a diary that noted some of Alexander’s lesser known actions. This diary would be kept in Alexandria, where the famous Great Library was burned centuries later. Much more of Alexander’s story was so burnt and never learned from.

2/11 The courier (2020)

The Cold War-era film starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Greville Wynne was based on Wynne, who became an unlikely MI6 agent in the early 1960s. The film showed many of the Cold War era espionage tactics used and even some torture tactics. In one scene, KGB agents are scenes that give grotesque-looking food with frog eyeballs and finally give the captured delicious food if they sign a document. What Reddit user grady999 says is basically an admission of guilt.

The film is a slow burn that has a satisfying result, the audience is shown the initial contact stages and how spies have to form relationships with their contacts. All of this is happening as they regularly fear for their lives as Wynne was working behind enemy lines in a sense.

1/11 Das Boot (1981)

Das Boot it’s the greatest war movie of all time, according to Reddit user freakalicious. While this is up for debate, it is regularly lauded as one of the great war films of the last 50 years. Das Boot it is one of the most realistic representations of life aboard a U-boat. The film follows a crew aboard a submarine during the Battle of the Atlantic, which claimed the lives of 3/4 of 40,000 German submarines.

While the action scenes are reminiscent of any war movie, what makes Das Boot accurate is its portrayal of everyday life, 50 men are crammed into a tight tube. The stagnant, stale air seems almost tangible. Body odor and engine oil are the only smells the crew smells apart from their food time. Another precision concerned how wet U-boats became in that era. Whenever the submarine ran to the surface in rough seas, cold water rushed through the main hatch, soaking everyone in the control room and leaving their clothes wet for hours.

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